7 Ways to Blog Your Book Without Noise and Distraction

ID-10089072When you have a deadline to meet, or you want to meet a personal challenge, like blogging a book in 30 days, it’s important to block out as much noise and distraction as possible so you can actually write. It’s so easy in today’s high-tech world to find a variety of ways to avoid writing showing up “right in front of your nose,” as my mom used to say. In this case, I mean on your computer screen. That means that if for any reason you don’t want to write, can’t write or are just having a hard time getting started or sticking with it, you can find something else to do or to occupy your attention.

3 Ways to Get Quiet and Distraction-Free Blogging Time

That’s not going to help you blog a book in a month, blog a book fast or consistently or meet your blogging goals. So, how the heck do you block out the noise and distraction so you can write? Try these methods.

Shut out the Internet.

If the internet in any form is your downfall, it is possible to simply turn it off. I don’t mean just closing it down. I mean making it impossible to use while you write. Try such programs as:

For details on these four programs, as well as the two previously mentioned, read this post by social media expert Frances Caballo.

Close the door.

Sometimes distractions come from inside your home. Maybe your spouse is watching television, your children are arguing, or the neighbors are chatting right outside your window. Close the door to your workspace. Shut your window. Make your space as quiet as you can. Leaving doors and windows open to noise simply invites in distraction.

Use earplugs.

Invest in some good earplugs. My office is in a loft that hangs over the living room and kitchen. That means I can hear everything going on downstairs, including the television when my husband watches on the weekend or at night—which is often. I’ve been known to use earplugs and then to put my computer headset over them when I really need silence!

Allow the Right Noise to Help You Write

If quiet isn’t doing the trick, and you still experience trouble with noise and distraction, try consciously adding the right noise and see if that helps. For example:

Go somewhere noisy.

This may seem counterintuitive, but lots of writers enjoy working in noisy coffee shops. They find the background noise actually helps them concentrate. Don’t want to actually go to a coffee shop? Get the same affect with this app: Coffitivity.

Turn on music.

Although some writers can’t concentrate with any type of noise or sound, others find music helps them focus. You may discover that it keeps you more interested in what you are doing—provides just the right amount of minimal distraction while still allowing you to concentrate on your work. Try listening to Mozart; his music actually fosters concentration. If you don’t have an iPod or music in some other format, try Songza.

Get Away from the Problem

If none of the above solutions work for you, it might be time to remove yourself from the problem.

Go out in nature.

Sometimes getting out of the office and into nature can make a huge difference. I often sit on my deck in good weather, and I’m amazed at how much more productive I am when I do so. I spend much less time on the internet when I’m out there.

Go on a retreat.

If you really need some quiet time, find a retreat center—preferably one with no internet or really bad reception! Don’t go with a group. Go alone. Book a weekend or a week, and enjoy the quiet time to write.

Have you found other ways to block out the noise and distractions so you can blog or blog your book?

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  1. says

    Hi Nina I really appreciate your blog entry on ways to reduce noise and distraction when writing. And by providing links with all of your tips I’m going to check them out as well. I’m interested in knowing if you have a blog entry on ways to reduce stress because that’s an issue I’m having right now. Positive ways for a writer to reduce stress and to keep it from affecting physically. If you also had this issue what physical ailments did you experience and how did you recover from them?

  2. Nina Amir says


    I do suffer from stress quite often, mostly because I do so much more than write, so it’s not directly from the writing. I have problems with my back and tight muscles in my neck and shoulders (which affect my back) and all of this affects my migraine headaches. I sometimes meditate…should really do this daily. I have been told to go for massage on a regular basis, but I don’t.

    Physical exercise helps the most, I have found. It’s a huge release of the stressful energy.

    Massage helps with the muscle issues. Chiropractic helps with the back issues. Meditation helps in general to find peace.

    A to-do list and staying as focused as possible helps as well!

    Coaching can be of service, too…to find out why you feel stress, how to achieve better results so you get more done, etc. You might have negative thoughts that are playing a role. (I coach writers in this area.)

    I hope that helps.

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