Are You on a Mission?

I’d just like to mention today that if you are writing a proposal, you want to include a mission statement after your author’s bio. You’ve already worked on that. Remember this post?

Not every book on writing a book proposal includes the “Mission Statement” section; in fact, most don’t. It’s a fairly new section. However, my former agent, Mike Larsen, who wrote How to Write a Book Proposal, asks his authors to include a mission statement. I’m sure this will be in the upcoming new edition of his book as well, although I haven’t seen it yet.

I’ll reiterate: Knowing why you must write this book will help you focus your energy on this project. It will help you clarify your reasons for writing your book. It will help you decide if you must write this book, and it will help the people considering purchasing your book (publishers and readers) decide if they want to do so.

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