How to Effectively Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media Sites

share your blog posts

Writing and publishing blog posts often and consistently goes a long way toward helping your blog get discovered, but it’s not enough. To drive traffic to your site, so you gain followers and subscribers, you need to share your posts on social networks. That’s how you “tell” potential readers of your blog and your blogged […]

Is Your Blog Mobile Friendly?

mobile-friendly blog

Can your visitors read your blogged book on their mobile devices? If it isn’t “mobile-friendly,” you will lose readers—in more ways than one. Readers click away from your site, and, as of today, Google will make it harder for them to show up on your site at all if it’s too difficult to access via […]

11 Essential Elements of an Author Website

blog site construction elements

Every author needs a website. Your blog serves that purpose whether you choose to blog books or blog about the topic of your books. To create an effective author website, however, your blog needs some key elements. 1. An author bio You want visitors to your site to know who you are. If they know, […]

Why Your Blog Needs a Privacy Policy

website privacy policy

You’ve probably received privacy policy notices at your doctor’s offices. Did you know that your blog needs one as well? I’m just about to add this legal notice to all four of my sites. In this guest post Helen Sedwick (@HelenSedwick) explains why you need a privacy policy and how to create one. Today’s writers […]

Copyright: How to Protect Your Blogs and Blogged Books

how to copyright blogs

I frequently get asked legal questions, such as “If someone blogs a book—actually composes it in the form of blog posts they publish on the Internet—do they need to worry about a copyright issues?” Or “Is my blog content safe from copyright infringement?” Well, I am not an attorney—let alone an intellectual property attorney—so I […]

Essential Plugins and Widgets for Blogs and Blogged Books

widgets and plugins for bloggers

A blog comes with the essentials. You might call these the basics—some widgets and plugins.  To make your blog run smoothly and efficiently with less work on your part, add plugins. If you are blogging a book, also  install specific plugins to help your visitors read the book. Plugins add features to your site […]

Why You Need to Own Your Blog Site


Over and over again I repeat the same advice: Own your blog site. Let me explain what I mean by this statement and why this is so important. How to Own Your Blog You own your blog by purchasing a URL, paying for hosting and using a blogging platform like, which is technology (or […]

6 Steps to Create a Blog Site


You want to begin blogging your book, but your resources are limited. You feel like you can’t get started, since you know the best avenue is to begin with a self-hosted blog. You’re not super techie, though, which means you don’t think you can set up your site by yourself.  But you don’t have […]

6 Reasons You Don’t Want a Free Blog

traffic warning sign

If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, heard me speak at an event, or read my book, you know I recommend self-hosted blog sites over hosted blog sites (or any other type of sites). Given that I get asked about this so frequently, I thought I’d offer a detailed explanation. What’s […]

Do Subscribers Really Matter?

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Most bloggers primarily focus on subscribers. One they get traffic to their sites, they want them to subscribe to the blog. But do subscribers really matter? Should this be your primarily focus, especially if you are a published or aspiring author or an author building a business around your book? Not necessarily. Subscribers represent a […]