Increase Value and Make Connections by Writing Link Posts

link posts

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 8 Once upon a time, bloggers stressed using links to help provide SEO for their sites. These days, linking is less talked about. Yet, inbound and outbound links still provide great value. Thus, including a link in each of your blog posts, or writing a link post, or a […]

10 Ways to Create Posts Without Worry About SEO and Keywords

I coach lots of bloggers and writers who would like to (1) start blogging, (2) develop better blogs or (3) blog a book to make sure they get discovered by a literary agent or publisher. In each of these cases they inevitably inquire how to search engine optimize (SEO) their blog and employ keywords for […]

Increasing Traffic by Commenting on Blogs

Another way to publicize your blogged book or blog involves commenting on other bloggers’ posts. You know how you love it when readers leave comments on your blog posts, now it’s time to do the same. Go out and read other blogs that have related content. These are the blogs you identified as complementary or […]

Writing for the Internet: Increase Ranking and Readers with Links


As you write your blog posts, you will want to consider providing links to resources you might find on the Internet. This also helps your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Actually, everything you do that involves linking into or out of your blog helps SEO your blog. For this reason, you’ll want to […]