How to Create the Best Book From Your Blog

I advocate blogging a book rather than booking a blog. The reason why is simple: Not every blog deserves to become a book.

Some blogs are just blogs; the content on them works well as posts but isn’t thought out well enough to become a book. A blogger who blogs a book, on the other hand, sets out to blog a book. The content on the blog IS a book.

Let me explain. When you blog a book, you create a content plan first. The content plan should be based upon a market and competitive study of both blogs and books. Then you write the book post by post to:

  • fulfill that content plan
  • meet market needs
  • create a unique and necessary book.

In this manner, you blog, or write, a necessary book, a good book, the best book possible–and one that will sell.

If you try to take a bunch of unrelated blog posts and put them together expecting them to create a good book or a successful book, you likely will end up with a  mediocre book and possibly one that isn’t necessary (won’t sell). Someone else already may have written one just like it or your readers may not be looking for that information or may not need it or want it. You might have related posts on your blog; these could  fit together into a book–even a decent book. Just throwing them together because you wrote them and they are on the same topic, though, does not mean you create a good book.

If you want to create a good book–the best book possible–that has a potential of succeeding from your existing blog content, here are the steps I suggest you follow.


  1. what book you would like to write.
  2. what book needs to be written.
  3. what book readers need or want to read.
  4. what similar books have already been written.
  5. what your book needs to “be” to provide something unique to the market.
  6. what content you need to produce that book.
  7. what content you already have that could fill the pages of that book.
  8. what content you still need to write/blog to complete that book.

Then book the existing posts on your blog and blog the rest of the book, in this way creating the best book possible. Or, if you discover you don’t have existing content to create the best book possible, simply blog that book from scratch.


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