How to Decide How to Monetize Your Blog or Blogged Book

As you consider how to monetize your blog beyond your blogged book—and eventual printed book or ebook, you need to consider what types of activities you want to take on to produce information products and services–which ones are best for you and for your readers. Unless you want to put advertisements on your blog (and have the traffic to actually make money with them), these products and services are how you will create a business around your blog.

If you want a good example of an author who has done a good job of adding information products to his book to build a business, and who also has a successful blog (not a blogged book), take a look at Jack Canfield, whose first success was Chicken Soup for the Soul. He’s gone onto become “America’s #1 Success Coach.” He has more than one website; here’s his coaching membersip site (a product/service):

Here’s an advertisement for a variety of information products, including his books:

And here’s a promotion for a workshop or intensive weekend seminar: