How to Tie General Blog Posts to Your Blogged Book

I often get asked a question about how to tie blog posts in general into a blogged book you might be writing. Whether you are writing a blogged book, a printed book or an e-book, your blog provides a great way to generate interest in that book. Each post offers one more opportunity to drive traffic to your website (or blog), so you you can build more of a platform or fan base or potential readership for your book. When you blog a book, you might occasionally write a general post–especially if you’ve finished the book and are trying to keep the blog alive.

What’s the best strategy? Write only about your blogged book? Or write about all sorts of things that relate to the topic of your blogged book?

If you are blogging a book about, werewolves, for example, you don’t necessarily have to write every post about the werewolves in your particular book. Do, indeed, write about those werewolves. However, you will generate more traffic to your blog–more readers and fans– by writing about everything and anything possible to do with werewolves in general. And by writing about popular werewolf movies and books, for instance, or news of werewolf sightings, or the newest werewolf fashions (or even when to stay home because it’s a full moon), you will draw more readers to your blog.

Things that are in the news always draw more attention to your blog if you mention them. I once mentioned Billy Elliot in my blog,, and I got thousands of readers for a few days. But don’t forget to also write about your book, too. Keep your readers interested in your blogged book, but become the source…the hub…of everything werewolf. Become the expert on werewolves.

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I haven’t forgotten that I said I’d write about my revision process. Still revising….I’ll write about it next time…promise.

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