How Your Expertise or Experience Helps You Write A Good Book

Your blog and blogged book benefits from your expeirence and knowledge.Many aspiring authors struggle to get their books written. However, a simple trick will help you write a nonfiction book—or even a novel—fast and well: Focus on what you know.

Yes, “Write what you know.” This might be the oldest and most often-given advice to writers. However, if you want to get your book written quickly and well, take it and put it to use as you blog your book.

Why “Write What You Know” Works

When you write a book based upon your expertise or experience, you don’t have to rely on research or on knowledge that comes from others. You can sit down and simply write “off the top of your head.” For nonfiction writers, this means you offer the information you have gained from life or work, which establishes your expert status and authority. For fiction writers, this means you can create credible characters, scenes, events, and stories. (In both cases, this helps you gain blog and book readers over time.)

Your writing will flow more smoothly when you aren’t struggling to interpret data, interviews or research or to make your story or characters realistic. When your book stems from your own knowledge or experiences, you also will feel more passionate about what you write, which will show in your finished work. As a result, you will produce a manuscript—post by post—that reads well. It won’t have the stilted feel of a work that was difficult to produce. Your blogged book (and your blog) will come across as authentic and, more than likely, will have a clear voice.

Knowledge and Experience Offer Blog Sustainability

Many bloggers lose interest in their blogs. Authors run out of topics to write about and find it hard to sustain a blog meant to promote a book—including one that first housed a blogged book. When you focus your blog and blogged book on your knowledge, experience and personal interests, it becomes much easier to sustain your blogging efforts over time. You can continue offering posts based upon what you know for many years. Plus, you can continue learning and share what you learn.

If you are passionate about your topic as well, your passion will help you continue to learn and experience in your niche. Your readers can continue to learn from you as well as along with you as you share this new knowledge. They will enjoy coming along on your journey as they vicariously share in your experiences, knowledge and stories. That makes a successful and sustainable blog. In fact, you’ll continue to gain new readers as you come up with a continuous flow of new post ideas—and possibly even new blogged book ideas.

Are you writing a book based upon your knowledge and experience? Tell me about it in a comment below.

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  1. says

    I’m just about to start! As my first form of procrastination I googled ‘write a book blog’ !!!
    I’m a neuroscientist turned science writer & I have a brain healrh blog…. I’m being told over & over to write a book ….. So, here goes!!

  2. Nina Amir says

    Sounds like a great idea, Sarah. My book would probably help you with the planning, etc. But there’s lots of info here on the blog. Good luck! Let me know if I can be of service.

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