15 Unique Ways to Blog a Book

I recently received an email from one of my blog readers, Peter G. James Sinclair, who told me about his blogged book. Actually, he’s not just blogging any old fiction or nonfiction book. He’s blogging a parable called The Creator. In the process, he says he is gaining readers and encouragement to continue writing his book.

You can get creative and blog something other than just a plain and simple fiction or nonfiction book. I can think of at least 15 unique ways to blog a book. You could blog:

  1. a fable
  2. an epic poem
  3. a cartoon book
  4. a comic book
  5. a verse novel
  6. a lyric sequence
  7. a lyric series
  8. a collage/montage
  9. a graphic novel
  10. a children’s story
  11. an essay collection
  12. an anthology
  13. a cookbook
  14. a tip book
  15. a totally new type of book

As Peter released his motivational parable chapter by chapter on his blog over the last few weeks he told me he realized the “the power of blogging” and of blogging a book. Why? Because his readership is growing consistently and he has started getting comments like these from his visitors:

“I would like to encourage you – I enjoyed reading it and I have to say God has given you a special gift!”

“I’m on edge already! Looking forward to when the story unveils completely!”

“Keep inspiring, Peter.”

Plus, he received some phenomenal testimonials he’ll be able to use on his book’s cover or inside the book on a page or two filled with similar comments as they keep flowing in.

Wouldn’t you like to get that kind of feedback and encouragement from readers of your work? You can if you start blogging your book.

Share your success stories with me and I just might turn around and share them right here on the How to Blog a Book blog. (That might garner you a few more readers…) Send me an email with complete details. Also, please share your success in the comment section of any blog post. In that way you are almost certain to have your success shared with all the readers of this blog, they might click through to check out your blog, and, if they like it, they might just keep reading.

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