5 Ways Fiverr Can Help Your Market Your Blogged Book


By Dina Eisenberg (@DinaEisenberg) You made the wise decision to blog your book. The next step is making your book and blog visible to your readers through marketing. But as a busy author you may not have the time (or interest) to devote to implementing the marketing plan you designed. That’s where Fiverr can be […]

How to Produce a Bestseller: Watch What Sells

create a bestseller without much promotion

This is the first post in a three-part series. You can find many blog posts and articles, as well as course, that teach you how to produce a bestseller. Many of them focus upon promotional tactics, like one-day marketing campaigns, joint ventures, free days, and pre-sales. However, you can produce books—blogged books or books you […]

How Authors Can Use Listmania to Promote Their Books


By Scott Lorenz (@aBookPublicist) Authors are always looking for low cost and easy ways to promote their books and I think you’ll appreciate this tip from Scott Lorenz. As a book publicist I am always on the lookout for effective inexpensive ways to reach book buyers. One way is to tap into the power of […]

The “Queen of Snark” on Booking Blogs and Promoting Books

A Walk in the Snark

I met Rachel Thompson not long after the release of her second book. She was teaching classes on how to go blog-to-book on Triberr.com. Since then, she’s written and published a third successful book. Although she hasn’t blogged a book, she knows how to book a blog and how to successfully self-publish a book. As […]

5 Tools to Help You Manage Your Social Media Marketing Time

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An enormous part of making your blogged-book or blogging efforts successful revolves around tying your posts, as well as your blog, into your social media networks. As with any book, you have to market it. Blogging a book gets you involved in one of the most important and effective marketing activities: blogging. But blogging works […]

Every Virtual Book Tour Needs a Purpose

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Most authors plan virtual book tours because they have a book release approaching. Typically, they want to drive up book sales on the day their books hit Amazon. However, trying to produce a bestseller on one day or for one hour is not the only reason to go on a virtual book tour. Neither is […]

How to Organize Your Virtual Book Tour


A virtual book tour provides you with a way to “travel” around the country or the world from the comfort of your home office. However, like any ‘round-the-world trip, which includes a variety of stops with many logistics, you must develop some way to manage all the details once your are one the move. Otherwise, […]

How to Prepare for Your Virtual Book Tour

ATM Book Tour2

After completing four of my own virtual book tours, I can tell you from experience that preparation plays a key role in the success of your tour. A discussed previously, you need to choose your tour stops and invite invite hosts, but you also must plan the content you will provide. Additionally, you need to […]

How to Choose Hosts for Your Virtual Book Tour


A virtual book tour revolves around the blogs that participate in this promotional tool. However, you may think you have no control over what blog stops you make. That’s not true. In fact, one of the most important decisions you can make prior to beginning your virtual book tour involves choosing the type of blogs […]

15 Reasons to Go on a Blog or Virtual Tour—Book or No Book


Some people think blog tours and virtual book tours are dead. I disagree. They provide a powerful tool to promote the release of your book or your blog. Most often, authors use blog or virtual book tours to increase the visibility of their books. Indeed, this is a fabulous tool for getting the word out […]