Make More Money as Multiple-Book Author

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Are you patting yourself on the back for producing your first eBook—or even for coming up with your first book idea and for setting the goal of blogging it and publishing it in the near future? Guess what? The majority of authors don’t make any “real” money until they’ve published at least three books! Hybrid […]

Develop an Audience Strategy for Your Blog and Blogged Book

audience and content strategy for bloggers

As you set out to blog your book, or even to create a blog to promote yourself as an author or to build a business around your book, answer one primary question: Why? If you want your book or your blog—or your business—to succeed, the answer to this question should have little to do with […]

Brand You Blog for Increased Blog Readership, Business and Book Sales

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Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 23 Readers of your blogged book, or blog, are consumers. Like most consumers, they make choices daily about what online products they will choose to purchase, or read, each day. Many of these choices are made based on branding. If you have done a good job branding your blogged […]

Using Your Blogged Book as a Branding Tool

Author branding

When you create a blog for the purpose of blogging a book, you have to ask yourself an important question: Do I want this blog—and this blogged book—to serve as a branding mechanism for me as a writer and as an author? The answer determines how you design your blog. The question actually represents a […]

How to Successfully Self-Publish Your eBooked Blog

A Walk in the Snark

What happens if you don’t want to be discovered by a traditional publisher–if you’d rather book your own blog? Or what if you don’t get discovered by an agent or publisher and decide to become an indie publisher instead? Maybe you want to try your hand at producing an ebook… How do you make sure […]