Write and Publish Something Worth Sharing

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If you are like most aspiring and published authors and bloggers, you constantly seek ways to get your work noticed. You write more, publish more, share more on social networks, and generally wrack your brain for ways to get noticed and heard in an every more crowded and noisy marketplace, by which I mean both […]

Replies to Comments Increase Engagement and Feedback on a Blogged Book

Reply to the comments on your blogged book.

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 18 Engagement remains the watchword when it comes to building author platform on social media. That means it’s not just about how many unique visitors—readers—your blogged book attracts, or even about how many followers you have on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. It’s about how often they share, talk […]

Use Lists to Provide Engaging Posts That are Easy to Write and Read

How to write list posts

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 6 List posts provide a staple for almost every blogger. In your efforts to produce core content, or even content on a regular basis, these posts are easy to write and to read, and they tend to get shared and commented on more often than some other types of […]

Simple Ways to Add a “Call to Action” to Blog Posts


Today’s guest post is written by my colleague, Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer. Getting traffic to your blog can be a challenge, so it’s important to keep people on your site and engaged for as long as possible, and encourage them to come back again. Think about this – after someone reads a […]

5 Tips for Social Media Inspiration when Promoting Your Book

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Once you’ve blogged a book, promoting it becomes essential. Social media is a critical component to any marketing plan, but it’s easy to get bogged down in your social media efforts. You know you need to keep the content fresh, relevant and interactive, but producing quality content day in and day out can be challenging. Not […]