Increase Page Views by Helping Readers Read Your Blogged Book

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Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 22 When readers come to your blogged book site, they typically find the last piece you published first. They may or may not want to start reading your book from the end. If you’ve provided them with a way to navigate to the beginning of the book, such as […]

Simple Ways to Add a “Call to Action” to Blog Posts


Today’s guest post is written by my colleague, Dana Lynn Smith, The Savvy Book Marketer. Getting traffic to your blog can be a challenge, so it’s important to keep people on your site and engaged for as long as possible, and encourage them to come back again. Think about this – after someone reads a […]

How to Know if Your Blog Has Any Readers

Every blog needs a good analytics program to discover the number of unique readers.

When I work with newbie bloggers or writers who are blogging but really don’t know that much about blogging, they often tell me proudly how many “hits” they get or how many “visitors” show up each day. They become quite disappointed when I tell them these numbers, especially the first one, mean little to nothing […]