Use Your Blog and Blogged Book to Help Readers Keep Resolutions

List of New Year's ResolutionsEvery year 45 percent of American’s make New Year’s resolutions. That’s why the personal growth industry continues to thrive and why self-help and inspirational books sell so well. People seek solutions to the problems they feel hold them back and answers to the questions they have about how to improve their lives.

Yet, every year only about eight percent of those very same who make resolutions manage to keep them—many never even make it until the end of January before their resolve fails them. These facts provide you as a book blogger a huge opportunity. You can provide those who seek to improve their lives in some way a means to keep those resolutions.

The Opportunity in Broken Resolutions

How? You can provide people with answers and solutions they seek and give them continual support throughout the year for the changes they want to make via your blog. Not only that, you can give them a book to supplement what they find on your blog; you can blog that book and continue to provide ongoing support in the form of regular blog posts, teleseminars and webinars, online and live courses, talks, newsletters, and membership sites.

Resolution: Read a Book and Change Your Life?

Many people purchase a book to help them improve in some way in the New Year. They resolve to read the book, do what the author recommends and change their lives.

Books make great holiday gifts—for others and for ourselves. A huge portion of the people who buy books intending to use them for self-improvement, however, read them, try to improve and then go back to their old habits. Some never try the advice the author offers at all, and many never get past the first 50 pages.

The idea that a book can change a life is a valid one, but the person who buys the book or receives it as a gift must first read the book.

While I don’t believe books are dying, it’s true that more and more people read material on line. They may search out information on the internet, subscribe to blogs—sometimes inadvertently when they download a free report or ebook—or join forums or groups they feel might help them make changes they desire. This can land them smack dab in the middle of your blog or your blogged book.

Resolution: Take a Course and Change Your Life?

They same people searching for help to change their lives are highly likely to click “buy now” for online courses as well. If they discover that you not only offer the valuable personal growth content they seek on a regular basis, a book on how they can improve their lives, but also webinars and teleseminars, online (or live) courses on this particular topic, you might develop a follower or fan for life. Provide coaching or consulting and a forum or membership site for ongoing support, and you become the place where the change they desire happens.

Resolution: Help Seekers Read, Learn, Join

Your resolution as a blogger and author, therefore, should be to provide everything possible for those readers seeking to change in some particular way. Of course, this means you must want to write a book that inspires change in readers or supports change in personal lives, organizations, communities, or the world in some way. Once you decide this is the book you want to write, plan out more than just the book. Plan out ways for your readers to:

  • Read your blog on a regular basis
  • Consume your book (hardcover, paperback, audio, ebook, etc.)
  • Teleseminars and webinars based on the content
  • Courses, classes, workshops, and retreats based on the book
  • Forums, membership sites, groups, etc., to support those who want to change in the way you suggest.
  • Podcasts
  • Coaching and consulting to support them on their journey

Author Change with Your Blog and Blogged Book

In this way, you can truly help those who want to change to do so. You can help them keep their resolutions and, in the process, you can build a strong business around your blog and your book.

Become an author of changeYou also will use your blog and your book to become a change agent, or, as I call it, an Author of Change. If you are interested in learning more about how to write, or blog, a book that inspires change, click here to learn about the Author of Change Transformational Coaching Program, which begins in January. Take advantage of the opportunity provided by those who want to set and keep New Year’s resolutions but have trouble doing so. The Author of Change Transformational Coaching Program teaches you how to write a book that inspires change. It also teaches you how to become an author of change in your life—to change in the necessary ways so you can author a successful book and inspire change in others, how to author change in the world—create communities of people who want to adopt the changes your suggest or take up your causes. The price on this course may never be this low again. Plus, I’ll be writing my book on this topic in the coming year, and if you are part of the course, you can become a beta reader!

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Happy Holidays!


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