What to do if you didn’t plan to blog a book?

Most bloggers don’t set out to blog a book. They don’t even intend to write a book–ever. However, many bloggers discover after many, many posts on one topic that they have enough material–possibly too much material–for a book. Thus, they move out of Cyberspace and into the real world of physically published material. Or maybe they opt for an e-book.

Bloggers produce an enormous amount of copy. Believe me, I know. I have five blogs. That’s one of the reasons why I decided my physical book on how to blog a book would include information on repurposing or recycling blog posts into books and other information products. Someone who does this is Rebecca Morgan, who wrote this blog post for me a while ago. I’ve done this, too, with special reports, like the one you get for free when you sign up for my mailing list here; it began as a series of blog posts.

However, Joel Friedlander, a self-published author and book designer, currently is writing an interesting series of blog posts on how he is “booking” his blog. In other words, he is creating a book our of existing blog posts. He includes some interesting information about his process in these most current posts, since he thinks about it a bit differently as a designer.

It’s well worth reading Friedlander’s posts about “booking his blog,” and they may inspire you to create a book out of your existing posts if you didn’t actually set out to blog a book.

His first post can be read here.

His second post can be read here.

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