Why a Blog Inspires More People to Change than a Book

blogging a book gets you readersAuthors who want to inspire change need readers to take up their causes. Yet, the average book today sells 250 copies per year. Most ebooks never sell more than 100 copies—if that. An author can’t become a change agent, or an author of change, on any large scale with that level of readership.

However, a blogger with a successful blog can inspire 100 to 250 readers per day to create change in the world. Those with really successful blogs can inspire 500 to 1,000 or more readers per day to take some sort of positive action.

That’s why writers who want to produce books that inspire change on a personal, organizational or global level should consider becoming bloggers. Bloggers are writers and authors.

If you are such a writer, consider blogging part of or your entire book. (It’s always a good idea to plan out your book and only blog part of it, leaving 20-30 percent off the blog to entice readers and publishers to a printed book or ebook later.) Or simply blog about your book or on the topic of your book, but blog.

Blog to Become a Change Agent

You blog can inspire many people. Want them to exercise more, start a gluten-free diet, change how they listen to others, improve their social networking ability, become a better manager, recycle daily, become involved in their communities, take a stand on political issues, or change their homes to solar energy? You can influence them to do so with a blog. By blogging frequently and regularly on one focused topic, you and your blog become “discoverable.” That means more readers find you each day and get inspired to change in the ways you suggest. You become a change agent.

Blog to Expose Your Cause to More Readers

Indeed, you can author change with each and every post. And each and every blog visitor can help you author more change as he or she clicks of the “share” button at the bottom of the post. That exposes your posts to even more potential readers.

As your fan base of readers grows, so does the number of people interested in taking up your proposed change. They will tell their friends about how inspired they were to change personally or to take up your cause. They will talk about the positive impact your blog or blogged book had on their lives or organizations or how it could positively change the world. Your message will spread, and you soon will find your blog growing in readership by leaps and bounds.

From Blog to Book

Then, when you can see the impact your blog has had, it’s time to turn back to your dream of becoming more than just a blogger. You can produce your book.

Use the plan you created to create a manuscript that contains the additional chapters or material you held back as well as your existing blog content. Produce an ebook or printed book, or contact publishers with the confidence that comes from knowing you have successfully test marketed your idea.

The unique visitor awrite books that inspire changend page view statistics from your analytic program prove people are interested in your book idea. Plus, the testimonials you’ve received by email or in comments from blog readers provide proof that the change you inspired has impacted lives, organizations and the world positively. You are an author of change.

A successful blog produces a successful book. That’s why publishers continue to seek out successful bloggers and to offer them book contracts.

The world needs authors of change. If you want learn more about writing books that inspire change, click here.

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