Why Blog a Book? To Get Feedback on Your Writing (Part 7)

The fact that readers have the ability to comment on your book offers you, the blogger, one of the greatest reasons to blog a book. Many writers join critique groups so they can have other writers read or listen to them read their work and offer feedback. However, when you, the blogger, receive comments from your blog readers, you hear from the actual people who would purchase your book in a bookstore. This offers you invaluable feedback.

The comment function on a blog also offers you a chance to enter into a dialogue with your readers. When they choose to comment on what you have written, you can reply and ask them questions or attempt to get them to continue conversing with you about the book, its content, your writing, etc. Since these people represent your true readers, they offer the best feedback possible—even better than a critique group.

It’s also possible to put surveys on your blog. You then can ask your readers how they feel about what they are reading, if they are interested in reading about certain topics or what they find useful. This type of input from your readers can prove invaluable; you can implement the information you receive immediately by going back and rewriting or editing posts, adding posts or simply altering your writing strategy as you continue writing.

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