Blog and Blog-to-Book Coaching

Do you need help learning how to blog effectively and passionately? Do you need someone to show you how to blog your book or book your blog?

You need a blog coach or a blog-to-book coach who knows how to help writers, authors and business people, if you:

  • don’t know how to begin blogging
  • don’t know what to blog about
  • don’t know how to drive clients, customers or readers to your blog
  • don’t know how to promote your book with a blog
  • don’t know how to repurpose your blog posts into a book or some other useful product or promotional tool
  • don’t know how to drive traffic to your blog
  • do want to blog a book but are not sure how to start
  • do want to “book” your blog but feeling overwhelmed by the immensity of the job
  • feel overwhelmed by the idea of blogging but know you must blog to succeed in your career or business

A blog coach will:

  • provide you with guidance
  • offer coaching, motivation and assistance when you feel blocked or discouraged
  • help you with a content plan for your blog
  • help you plan to blog a book
  • help you book a blog (repurpose existing blog posts into a book)
  • assist you with a blog promotion strategy to drive traffic
  • give you resources for blog technology issues and set up
  • help you make your blogging time productive in multiple ways
  • assist you with developing posts that promote your book or your business
  • help you make your blogging easy, fast and productive
  • help you become more findable in the search engines so you increase you earn more moneywith your books, products and services.

Coaching sessions are personalized to your needs. Coaching includes four one-hour sessions to keep you moving towards your blogging and publishing goals.

4-hours/month Author Coaching Fee: $697 for 1 month (automatically renews until cancellation)

About Me

I’m Nina Amir, author of the bestselling How to Blog a Book and the forthcoming The Author Training Manual, both published by Writer’s Digest Books. I’ve been bloggiDSC_3462ng since 2006. (I have 4 blogs…yes, 4. I used to have 5. ) Since 2010 authored two traditionally published books, and I’ve self-published 12 books in the last eight years or so. Plus, I regularly churn out articles for magazines (I’ve written for over 50 different international and national publications) and guest posts for other bloggers, sites and clients. Not only that, I’ve helped other authors complete their books and publish them successfully. One of my clients self-published and then sold their book to Simon & Schuster (Enlightened Leadership). It was printed verbatim and has gone on to sell over 230,000 copies. Another of my clients won a Writer’s Digest award for best self-published inspirational book (Radical Forgiveness). He turned down a traditional publishing deal and sold over 100,000 copies as an indie publisher before selling to Sounds True. I’m also a speaker, a coach, a teacher, a parent. I spend the majority of my time in my office doing what I love: writing, blogging, building platform, promoting, producing books, and helping other bloggers and writers do the same.

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