Writing and Book Coaching

Get Your Book Out Of Your Head And Onto the Page

According to The New York Times, 81% of the American population
—about 254 million people—
say they have a book inside their heads.

Only 2% of those people—about 5.1 million—will ever manage to
get their books out of their heads and published.

Don’t remain among the 81%.
Move into the ranks of the 2%.

Hire a writing or book coach to help you get that book
out of your head and onto the page.

fast typing on laptop ptnphoto 123rfWhether you are a writers or a non-writers, you can write a book with the help of a book coach like me. I serve as your Inspiration to Creation Coach, Inspired Results Coach and Book and Writing Coach all rolled into one. If you are a business person, you’ll appreciate my businesslike approach, which helps you produce a book that boosts your bottom line. Or I can help you create a book that serves as the centerpiece of the business you want to build. Plus, I always focus on the business end—producing a marketable book, which is invaluable for those writers who want to produce a book they can sell to a publishing house and for indie publishers as well. (Publishers, after all, want viable business projects in which to invest.) If you want to create a successful self-published book, your won’t find anyone better at helping you evaluate your book for success.

In fact, I have the one and only “proposal process.” This proprietary process, also known as “the Author Training Process,” helps you learn to see your idea through the eyes of an acquisitions editor and determine if it has what it takes to succeed in the marketplace. And it helps you produce a business plan for your book (before you write it) so you increase the likelihood of your book selling an above-average number of copies per year. That means it might become a bestseller because you will write a marketable book. I wrote about this process in my How to Blog a Book, which has been an Amazon bestseller for over two years, and extensively in my new book, The Author Training Manual. I take all my book coaching clients through this process to ensure their books have the highest potential to sell well. That means you begin by producing a business plan for your book. If you plan to traditionally publish, you can later polish this up into a book proposal.

Of course, I help you get your book out of your head and onto paper. That’s part of the Author Training process and part of the coaching process. I support you as you map out your content, organize it into a detailed table of contents and then write your manuscript—even if you aren’t a writer. (Don’t worry; I have ways.)

For those wanting a soft touch, don’t worry. I’m not all business. I help you give birth to that book idea that has taken seed within you by serving as as your supportive writing midwife. I provide:

  • ultrasounds of your gestating project so you have a clear picture of what your project will look like,
  • the right writer’s exercises and nutrients,
  • a healthy writing program including a schedule and due date,
  • a coach to remind you to breath and relax as your written creation takes form, grows and enters the world.

If you would like support or advice during the book writing process, I gladly serves as your writing coach:

  • coming up with a game plan and strategy,
  • training you in how to get fit and meet your goals,
  • mapping out your writing fitness program,
  • helping you outline your game plan,
  • pushing you over any writer’s blocks you encounter,
  • ensuring that you make it to the finish line.

No one can make you sit down and write, but if you have the desire to actually start and complete a writing project, I can help you accomplish this goal through weekly phone phone consultations, check ins, brainstorming sessions, consultations, feedback, accountability, and exercises. I also have numerous ideas for how to write a book fast using the little time you might have in your busy schedule.

When you are finished writing, I can help you with the final details as well. Although I’m a skilled and experienced developmental and line editor, and you get to take advantage of this during coaching, I no longer edit many complete manuscripts myself. I do, however, have experienced editors ready and waiting to help polish your finished manuscript and even have experts ready to help you self-publish, too. Plus, I can get your proposal and query reviewed by a literary agent prior to submission to agents of your choice, so what you submit to those publishing professionals is perfect. (Extra charges apply for these items.)

Ready to get your book out of your head?

Coaching includes four one-hour phone consults per month; 1-hour per week of developmental editing (reviewing of material of up to 5 pages of copy per week). Additionally, you can take advantage of my daily email accountability system to help you achieve your goals. Sessions must be completed within 4-6 weeks.

Book Coaching Fee:
$899 for one month

$2,299 for three months –– SAVE!

(Note: This fee includes one hour of developmental editing (and a small amount of line editing) per week (up to 5 pages of copy per week) as described above to help you improve your writing and stay on track with your book concept. If you would like your manuscript edited on a continual basis as you write during the coaching period, the editing fee can be negotiated based on how many pages you agree to turn in per month and what type of editing you desire.)

Write your book today.
If you have a book on the way, you need to hire a midwife fast!
Don’t wait until it’s too late and your book hasn’t gotten the right “nutrition,”
has developed “birth defects,” or you’ve lost your desire to follow through to your “due date.”
Hire me at the early stages of your plans so I can help you conceive, gestate and give birth to a successful book.

About Me

I’m Nina Amir, author of the bestselling How to Blog a Book and the forthcoming The Author Training Manual, both published by Writer’s Digest Books. I’ve been bloggiDSC_3462ng since 2006. (I have 4 blogs…yes, 4. I used to have 5. ) Since 2010 authored two traditionally published books, and I’ve self-published 12 books in the last eight years or so. Plus, I regularly churn out articles for magazines (I’ve written for over 50 different international and national publications) and guest posts for other bloggers, sites and clients. Not only that, I’ve helped other authors complete their books and publish them successfully. One of my clients self-published and then sold their book to Simon & Schuster (Enlightened Leadership). It was printed verbatim and has gone on to sell over 230,000 copies. Another of my clients won a Writer’s Digest award for best self-published inspirational book (Radical Forgiveness). He turned down a traditional publishing deal and sold over 100,000 copies as an indie publisher before selling to Sounds True. I’m also a speaker, a coach, a teacher, a parent. I spend the majority of my time in my office doing what I love: writing, blogging, building platform, promoting, producing books, and helping other bloggers and writers do the same.

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