3 Tips for Writing Your Blogged Book Posts

Even though you are writing a book as you blog–and hopefully creating a manuscript in Word or some other word processing software at the same time–there are some things to keep in mind as you compose your posts. A blogged book has slightly different requirements than a printed book because it is published in small increments. Here are three tips to help you write complete posts that will flow from one to another.

  1. Your posts will just be short bits and pieces of your manuscript or chapters, and readers may come across these at any point in your book, especially if they have done a search on Google or Yahoo or Internet Explorer and landed on a particular “page.” Thus, you must always provide links to previous posts and to information you’ve written about and terms you’ve used previously.
  2. Use language at the end of each post to entice readers to “turn the page.” Even though this may not be part of your actual manuscript copy, tell the readers what is coming next. And in the next post, tell them what what is in the last post; use a link for this so they can easily go back and read that post if they missed it.
  3. Make sure every post has a beginning, middle and end. Even though it is part of a larger section of your manuscript, it is just one small post–250  or 500 words tops. So be sure it can stand alone as a separate unit.

Whatever you have added to your copy to create your posts you can later edit out of the manuscript when you work on the printed version. For now, don’t worry about it. Remember you are blogging a book.

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