How to Blog Books that Inspire Change

Become an author of changeIf you want to blog a book that inspires change in your readers, blog it. The most important aspect of any inspirational book—one that inspires someone to action—is found in your desire to write the book and to inspire others.

The authors of books that create positive movements—personally, organizationally or globally—feel called to do so. They feel a strong sense of purpose or mission. These feelings come across on the page as well as when they write (or blog) about their causes or their beliefs.

If you, too, feel this internal calling, this sense of purpose, this strong desire to write a book that creates positive change in  the lives of others or in the world, fulfill your purpose—and your potential. And do so with a blogged book.

In fact, a blog may likely reach more people and create more positive change than a book. The average book sells only 250 copies per year; your blog could have 250 or 2,500 readers per day.

Find a Model

You may still wonder, though, how best to write your book, how best to structure it. The easiest way to figure out how to write a book that inspires change is to study books that have done so in the past. Consider picking up a copy of:

Consider their:

  • Tone
  • Tense
  • Number of chapters
  • Chapter length
  • Page count
  • Genre

Make your book unique to you and to your subject, but model it after these successful books that have inspired change.

Create a Marketable Book

Begin working through the Author Training Process (called the “proposal process” in How to Blog a Book) to clarify your book’s focus, unique angle, market, competition, table of contents, and actual content. This helps you produce a marketable book. (Look for my next book, The Author Training Manual, which will be released in February 2014, for more information on this process or click here to read excerpts of the book as they are blogged.)

Create Community

Be sure to build author platform with social media and speaking. See this as community building. If you have a cause or movement to start, you will need community to take up your cause. In any case, you will need a built-in readership for your book upon release if you want to see your change implemented quickly.

If you would like to learn more about writing books that inspire change, listen to me speak about this topic here or come hear me speak in person at the San Francisco Writing or Change Conference on October 12. (Only 100 seats, so register soon!)

 Become an author of change


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    Yes! Good information at the perfect time. It seems we writers/bloggers need all the help and continued inspiration that we can get. Continuous encouragement. It’s very exciting to now call myself a Blogger. A long-time idea come true! Marlene

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