Blogging For Business

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In today’s guest post, online marketing expert, blogger, and podcaster Brian Basilico (@bbasilico) provides his unique perspective and tips on blogging for business. In his unique way, he compares blogging to serving food. (If you don’t understand, check out his podcast.) Blogging is one of the best ways to create content, generate traffic, and help […]

Share Your Wisdom by Blogging a Book

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You’ve begun blogging a short book (or even a long book). Or maybe you decided to blog to build platform for a forthcoming book, to promote a previously released book, or simply to express yourself. You had a lot of momentum when you started, and now… suddenly, you’ve begun to wonder: Do I really have […]

7 Steps to Boosting Your Business as an Expert Author


A book is the best business card you can hand to potential customers and clients. It might as well say, “I’m the expert on this subject,” right on the cover, which is why becoming an author sends people flocking to do business with you. A book serves as an excellent expert platform element for an […]

How to Produce a Bestseller: Choose a Timely Topic

produce timely books

This is the third post in a three-part series. If you write and publish a book on a timely topic, you stand the highest chance of hitting a bestseller list with your new release—and of doing so quickly and easily. Not only that, if you choose to blog your book on a subject that is […]

How to Produce a Bestseller: Know Your Market

Find your target market to sell more books

This is the second post in a three-part series. To write, or blog, a bestselling book, you must successfully target your market. That means, first, you have to become acquainted with your potential readers and, second, you must discern their questions, problems, pains, interests, and desires. Then, you can craft a book idea that satisfies […]

How to Produce a Bestseller: Watch What Sells

create a bestseller without much promotion

This is the first post in a three-part series. You can find many blog posts and articles, as well as course, that teach you how to produce a bestseller. Many of them focus upon promotional tactics, like one-day marketing campaigns, joint ventures, free days, and pre-sales. However, you can produce books—blogged books or books you […]

24 Ways to Keep Your Blog Alive After You Stop Blogging Your Book

The End

You’ve spent the last six to nine months—maybe more—blogging your book, and you’re manuscript finally is complete. Now what? How will you keep your blog alive now that that you don’t have a book to write post by post? Good question…and one you should have answered before you began blogging. When you begin blogging a […]

Can You Blog a Telelvison Series or Sitcom?


Do you think your book idea would make a great television series? Or have you dreamed of writing a sitcom? Go ahead and blog it into existence. I have to admit that I have little knowledge of the television industry or even about script writing. However, a while ago I had a conversation with someone […]

How to Turn Your Love of Journaling Into a Blogged Book

journal to book

Humans have had an inclination to write down their experiences almost since the beginning of time, it seems. We’ve kept diaries and journals, writing in them regularly, mostly for our own purposes and doing so, for the most part, with the express intention of keeping them private. The advent of the Internet Age, however, changed […]

How to Write a Blog Post Even When You Have Bloggers’ Block

bloggers block can hit at anytime

Today I opened up Microsoft Word document. I looked at the blank sheet of paper, and I simply didn’t want to write a blog post. I felt uninspired. That’s why it’s 8:30 p.m. Pacific Time and I’m only now publishing this post. Yes, me. The queen of blogs. I have four of them. (I used […]