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As part of my book launch, I went on a virtual book tour during the month of June and then again in October and November 2012. Read the posts, excerpts, reviews, and Q & As, and leave your comments, or listen to the podcasts.

Write your book on the internet one post at a timeThanks for coming along for the fun and participating in my book launch. Oh, and don’t forget to buy a copy of How to Blog a Book, Write, Publish and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time (Writer’s Digest Books). You can get more information on my website. You can purchase the book in several places:

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Facebook and Twitter PHOTO Campaign Find a copy of How to Blog a Book in your local bookstore, and take a photo of yourself with the book (preferably because you are buying it). Then post it on Facebook (and on Twitter if possible) and tag me in your status update so it appears on my Facebook timeline. You then WIN a FREE 15-minute blog-to-book coaching session!

Twitter Tip campaign: For several months I posted a tip a day with the #howtoblogabook hashtag; you could retweet the tip to win a free 15-minute blog-to-book coaching session–one given away each week on Twitter. You can still find the tips by searching for #howtoblogabook in the Twitter search engine. The contest has, however, ended. Follow my Twitter Feed (!/ninaamir).

October/November Pre-Holiday Virtual Book Tour!

  1. Oct. 11      3 Ways Writers Can Make More Money From a Blog hosted by Rochelle Melander at
  2. Oct. 14     How to Use Deadlines to Accomplish Writing Goals hosted by Deb Carney at
  3. Oct. 13     Episode 54 – How to Blog Your Book with Nina Amir! hosted by the Newbie Writers Podcast at
  4. Oct. 15     Book Review: How to Blog a Book: Write, Publish, and Promote Your Work One Post at a Time hosted by Jodi Webb at
  5. Oct. 16     How Writers Can Earn More Money as Bloggers hosted by Hope C. Clark at
  6. Oct. 17     How Blogging Got Me Out of the Slush Pile hosted by Julie Anne Lindsey at Musings from the Slushpile at
  7. Oct. 22     Nina Amir’s How to Blog a Book- Everything You Need to Know (But Not Too Much of It!) hosted by Allena Tapia at About Freelance Writing
  8. Oct.25     Could Your Blog Turn You Into a Published Author? (Hint: YES!) hosted by Cathy C. Hall
  9. Oct. 27    How to Blog a Book with Nina Amir hosted by Bamidele Onibalusi at Young Pre Pro
  10. Oct. 29    Your Blog As A Promotion & Branding Tool hosted by Angela Ackerman at The Bookshelf Muse
  11. Oct. 30   Why and how to blog a book: From aspiring to published author hosted by Michelle Rafter at Word Count–Freelancing in the Digital Age
  12. Oct. 31    Review: How to Blog a Book hosted by Jodi Webb at  Words by Webb
  13. Nov. 1     Blogging and Journaling hosted by Mari McCarthy at CreateWriteNow
  14. Nov. 6     How to Build an Author Platform by Blogging a Book hosted by Jennifer Brown Banks at Pen & Pro$per
  15. Nov. 8     6 Ways Bloggers Can Earn More Money From Their Writing hosted by Linda Formicelli at The Renegade Writer
  16. Nov. 12   Why Freelance Writers Should Consider Becoming Authors hosted by Carole Tice at Make a Living Writing

JUNE-Virtual Book Launch Tour!

Pre-Tour Post

  1. 7 Tips for Turning Your Blog into a Book hosted by
  2. How to Test Market Your Book Idea with a Blog hosted by Joel Friedlander at
  3. Review hosted by Carolyn Howard-Johnson at
  4. The Benefits of Blogging a Book (plus a podcast) hosted by MaAnna at
  5. How to Find a Book in Your Blog hosted by Johanna Harness at
  6. Nine Things You Need to Know Before You Write Your Nonfiction Book hosted by Joanna Penn at www.
  7. Excerpt: How Long Does It Take to Get Blog Readers hosted by Jane Friedman at
  8. Write and Promote Your Indie Book Quickly and Easily hosted by Sue Collier at
  9. Day off
  10. Promote Yourself and Your Book While Writing Your First Draft hosted by Carolyn Howard-Johnson at
  11. How Your Blog Can Make You an Expert in a Year or Less hosted by  Susan Harrow at and A Post a Day is a Book or More a Year hosted by Judy Cullins at
  12. How to Write and Promote Your Book One Post at a Time hosted by Shel Horowitz at
  13.  Meet Nina Amir, Author of How to Blog a Book  hosted by Quinn Barrett at Wise Bear Books radio show.
  14. 7 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Content Marketing Machine hosted by Dana Lynn Smith at 
  15. Excerpt: 3 Reasons to Social Network to Build Your Author Platform hosted by John Kremer at
  16. Taking Your Relationship Marketing to the Next Level with a Book hosted by Mari Smith at and Boost Your Business by Blogging a Book hosted by Stephanie Chandler at
  17. Day Off
  18. Nina Amir tells how to Blog a Book one post at a time hosted by Roger Parker at and The Most Efficient Way to Write Your Book and Build Blog Readership (At the Same Time) hosted by Write to Done at
  19. Day Off  
  20. How to Increase Sales with a Blog and a Book hosted by Elinor Stutz  at
  21. How to Blog a Book Fast hosted by Rochelle Melander at
  22. From Blogged Book to Published Book hosted by Julie Isaacs at

Also, 6/28: Why and How to Blog a Romance Novel hosted by Michelle Mills at

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