What Do You Need to Complete Your Book?

As you get closer to beginning to blog your book, consider this question: What resources do you need to complete your book? The answer to this question completes the section of a book proposal actually called “Resources Needed to Complete the Book.”

This section may not pertain to many blogged books. You, the blogger, may find that you need very little besides your mind, your fingers, a computer, and an Internet connection to write your book. Well…every blogger needs a little bit of money to pay for an Internet connection and a hosted website (since you hopefully will eventually pay for a hosted blog). You also need a computer.

Primarily this section does, indeed, cover costs. Here are the types of costs that might be included in this section of a nonfiction proposal and which you might want to consider as well:

  • Photos—You might want to purchase a subscription to stock photo provider, for example or you might need a photographer for special needs.
  • Art—You might need a logo designed or a series of cartoons to illustrate your book, or you might want to purchase a subscription to a clip art service.)
  • Permissions—If you reproduce large sections of an exiting book, you must purchase the rights from the publisher.

In this section of a nonfiction book proposal an aspiring author also declares how long it will take them to complete their book. So, take a moment—or a few—to give yourself some deadlines. How much will you write each day, week, or month, and when will you “turn in” your finished book? In other words, how many blog posts will you commit to writing each week, and how many will it take you to compete your book? Given those figures, when will you complete your blogged book? Write that down. Make that part of your business plan.

(I covered this topic from another angle in this post.)

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