Blog Editing, Proofreading and Ghostblogging

Blogging relief for writers, authors and entrepreneurs!

If you need help with editing, proofreading or writing your posts, I can help! You provide the blog posts, and either I edit them or someone on my staff proofreads them for you (depending upon your needs). You end up with polished and grammatically correct posts that are ready to publish on your blog. Packages can be catered to your needs as well. If you need help actually writing them, I can ghostblog your posts. You tell me what content you want your posts to contain, I produce great content to drive traffic to your blog. If your needs don’t match the specifications below, contact me for a customized quote at

Editing and Proofreading

Batch of 5  Posts (300-500 words max.)

Editing – $375
Proofreading – $175
Proofreading and editing – $539

Editing and Proofreading (Batch of 5 posts)

Monthly Package

Monthly Fee (for up to 10 posts, each post 300-500 words maximum) – includes editing and proofreading – $1059


I write your posts for you. Or, if the subject is out of my realm of expertise, I’ll get one of my writers to to create the content instead. You just provide the information or the details so we can write the content you desire. (If we have to do the research, the cost goes up. If you want longer posts, the price or the number of post can be altered.)

Batch of 5 posts (300-500 words max) – $747
Batch of 3 posts (300-500 words max) – $487


These services are also available:

Blog Coaching

Coaching sessions are personalized to your needs to keep you moving toward your blogging or book blogging goals. Sessions vary by client. They might involve blog-to-book coaching or blog coaching. They could focus on improving your blogging skills or improving your blog. We might create a blog plan or a social networking (or platform building) strategy. Sessions always involve accountability and weekly “assignments.”

To learn more or schedule a session, click here.

Blog Consulting

You hire me by the hour to help you in whatever way you need: answer questions, blog review, content analysis, blog-to-book planning, blog planning, etc. Rent my brain for an hour or a half hour. 1 hour – $200 half hour – $140

To learn more, pay and schedule an appointment, click here.