10 Ways to Create Posts Without Worry About SEO and Keywords

I coach lots of bloggers and writers who would like to (1) start blogging, (2) develop better blogs or (3) blog a book to make sure they get discovered by a literary agent or publisher. In each of these cases they inevitably inquire how to search engine optimize (SEO) their blog and employ keywords for their blog posts. It’s my job to say: “Don’t worry about it. Just produce great content that’s on target with your topic.”

Why? Whenever you write great content that’s targeted to your topic you naturally use keywords and phrases. Actually, your content will contain keywords that relevant to your subject matter without you considering them. When your content utilizes keywords naturally–and appropriately, your blog should have all the SEO it requires. In fact, you will discover your blog moving up in the various search engine page ranks slowly and gradually without you doing anything but composing and publishing posts.

Yahoo and Google don’t like to discover content containing overused keywords, or keywords used in an unnatural or stilted fashion just to “get noticed” by the ‘bots, crawlers, spiders and various automated programs that look for content. They are searching for content that appears to use keywords and phrases as though they fit in in the copy, not as if they have been placed there intentionally. Those programs are smart and understand game you are playing!

So, here’s what I advise you do to create a blog with great SEO and uses keywords effectively:

  1. Research what keywords relate to your topic.
  2. Write down the top 10 keywords related to your topic and put them somewhere near your computer.
  3. Forget about the list of the top 10 keywords related to your topic.
  4. Write blog posts about your topic every day; if you can’t write every day, every other day or at a minimum three times a week.
  5. Write compelling, targeted, on-topic 60 character headlines. (Use your list of keywords here if you want.)
  6. Post the links to your blog posts to many social networks.
  7. Get other people to link to your blog or blog posts.
  8. Comment on other blogs using your blog’s URL as your web address to create more links.
  9. Find other ways to create links back to your blog, such as with e-zine articles, guest posts, or bios on websites.
  10. Rinse and repeat.

If you do this every day, you won’t need to worry about SEO and keywords. They will miraculously take care of themselves. (Well, you will take care of them effectively without worrying and without doing any extra work.)

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