How to Create Community Around Your Blogged Book

How can you create community around your blogged book?If you are writing any kind of book that inspires people to do something, you might want to create a community of some sort around your blog and your blogged book. This can serve as a great promotional tool for both your book and your book-related business if, for example, your blogged book asks readers to create change or to become change agents on a personal, professional or global basis. The members of  the community you build not only will purchase your book but also your products and services and, possibly more important to you, go out and create the change you desire.

How can you create such a community? Of course, the first way is with your blog and blogged book. By posting frequently and consistently on your topic and engaging your readers, you build community. As you see your readership growing and you find more and more of them commenting on your posts, this indicates a growing community.

More ways exist to build community, though. Here are four:

  1. Attach a forum to your blog: Your community members may like to have a place to go and chat with each other and to ask questions and have them answered. Forums can become problematic if you don’t care for them; they tend to get overtaken by spammers.
  2. Create a Facebook group or page or a LinkedIn group: In these places, you community can grow and thrive, especially if you leave these open (not private). They can chat, share, ask questions, etc.
  3. Create a membership site: This is a way to monetize your site and build community. Charge a nominal fee to become a member; provide information products, a private forum, etc.
  4. Go offline: Create opportunities to develop community face-to-face. groups are a super way to do this. You can actually have other people head some up for you in other areas of the country, for example. Or hold retreats or workshops. Maybe start with teleseminars (online) and build up to this.

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    Holy smokes. Nina Amir, your posts just keep topping one another. Now you’ve got us building a community around our blogged book. Fantastic idea, except for the fact that I’m stalled. I must first jump back on my horse and move forward with aligning myself to my purpose. Other writing has taken me away from my faith book, but I shall return a renewed writer. Thanks for the great advice. I hope to fulfill some of these ideas soon.
    Amanda Socci recently posted..Gratitude for the Community of Writers

  2. Nina says

    You are so sweet! I’m still trying to handle the Versatile Bloggers Award…

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