New Year, New Look, New Goals

I’m proud to unveil How to Blog a Book’s new design! I hope you like it. It’s cleaner, brighter and aligns with the design of the new How to Blog a Book printed book (which is now available for presale). Plus, it takes the blog to a new level.

I have written about starting out with free or hosted blogs, and then moving up to self-hosted blogs, ones where you pay a hosting company and purchase a domain name of your own. There also comes a time when you want to move away from free themes and have a custom-designed header and other unique features on your blog. With my book coming out in late April or early May, for me that time was now.

Additionally, a new year offers an opportunity to consider new goals. For several months now I’ve been thinking about how to improve this blog. After all, I’ve finished blogging the book. What more can I offer you, my blog readers? I can offer you what I myself want: tips and tools for creating a better blog. Why? Because the best way to blog a book and get noticed is to create a great blog that attracts lots of readers. That, of course, means creating great blog content. When you do that, everything falls into place. You can land a book deal or self-publish a successful book, and you can monetize your blog in a variety of ways–including with all types of information products, including printed and digital books, coaching products, teleseminars, etc.

To achieve this goal, I’ll be introducing a variety new features to the blog, including expert interviews, guest blog posts, and podcasts. While I will continue to offer tons of information on how to blog a book, I’ll also discuss how to book  a blog (repurpose blog posts into information products) and create the best blog and blog posts possible. I’ll also provide information on publishing as it pertains to blogging a book and landing a traditional book deal or self-publishing your book.

Oh…and I’d love to hear more from you this year as well. You can start by letting me know what you think of the new design and giving me ideas for topics you’d like to discuss over the next 12 months. Leave me a comment here!

Happy New Year!

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  1. says


    What a great day to launch a new version of your blog. You certainly have a unique blog and a cutting edge forthcoming book.

    Tonight in my blog, WCHS, MPHS and Park College…Diary Writing 1960-1965, I will begin my third year of nightly posts from the diaries I kept 50 years ago.

    May you have many special moments in 2012.

    Barbara McDowell Whitt

  2. Nina says


    I just found your comment(s) in my spam folder. Thanks so much for your kind words and or reading the blog. I wish you lots of luck with your blog — the nightly posts. Sounds like a great endeavor.

    By the way, you might want to stop putting the link to your blog in your comment. That’s what gets you thrown in to the spam folder. It comes up anyway under your name so others can still find it.



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