The End: This Blogged Book Manuscript is Finished…or Not

This actually brings us to the end of this blogged book. Amazingly, I began blogging in February and I have completed the whole book before the end of June—just five months later. I do have some additional material I plan to add to the physical printed book, but I do not intend to ever place that in the blogged version.

So, what happens to this blogged book now? You will find occasional posts here about blogs that have become books. You will find information pertinent to books being blogged or how to blog books that I come across and feel I want to share with my readers. This information may also get incorporated into the physical book.

You may also find me creating information products into the mix, if I have the time or energy to do so. I’m a firm believer in creating a business around a book.

This blog will, indeed, also become a physical book. My agent likely will peddle it after she finishes trying to sell my current book. If nothing happens with it, I will produce it as an e-book.

So, keep watching the blog for additional posts, which will be fewer and farther between, and for notices of new products and services.

Until then, I’m patting myself on the back for finishing a book—23,076 words—in five months. As I said at the beginning of this blogged book, that’s a good enough reason in and of itself to blog a book—you get your book written.

With that in mind, I hope you will sit down and start blogging your book. Let me know when you’ve finished yours. I’ll create a resource page of people who have followed the advice in these blogged pages and finished a blogged book.

Good luck and happy blogged book writing!

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