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If you think I’ve forgotten about this blog, you’re wrong. As mentioned in my last post, I was away for a week at a writing retreat. After I returned, my webmaster said she’d convert my free WordPress blog to a hosted one. She got started and then didn’t actually finish up until Friday night. So…I was waiting…and waiting…to post something.

Anyway, now the blog is up and improved, as you can see! I’m very excited. And starting tomorrow, I’m back to blogging the book about how to blog a book.

In the meantime, I’ll just mention that I’ve come across at least two new blogged books. One is a self-published book; a man blogged about his struggles with cancer and then turned those posts into a book called The Cancer Chronicles. That just goes to show you how you can repurpose your blog or actually begin blogging with the intent of self-publishing all or some of your posts. Second, I ran across an article about a man who decided to turn the worst time of his life into a better time by finding something awesome every day and blogging about it–something that most people overlook, like putting on underwear warm out of the drier, finding spare change in your pocket, and having an extra check-out lane open up at the grocery store. His blog,, was discovered and turned into a book called The Book of Awesome. Pretty neat, huh?

I hope that bit of news inspired you. Remember…everyone has a story to tell and some wisdom they’ve gained from their experience.–and someone out there will feel inspired, enlightened, educated, or transformed by what you write.  Or maybe you have some expertise you want to share. A blog provides a great forum from which to offer your knowledge.

That’s it for now. More tomorrow.

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  1. says

    Hi Nina,

    I’m trying to keep up with your work. I love the concept and hope to learn as much as possible. I have been blogging for about 3 years, and have something like 200 polished essays about memoirs posted on Memory Writers Network They average around 1,000 words each so that’s about 200,000 words about reading and writing memoirs. One problem is that I conceived of these as individual essays, so I don’t have a vision of how they would hang together as a book. If you want to take a look, see if you think it fits your model. Here’s a link to an index to all the articles. I think since you moved I need to resubscribe, right?

    Thanks to your subscription service, I actually see your posts in my inbox. You’ve inspired me. I want to do that for my readers too.

    Thanks for offering all this great information. See you “around” the internet.

    Best wishes,
    Jerry Waxler

  2. Nina says


    Thanks for being a loyal reader! I don’t have that many yet, but the new hosted blog is helping that situation already. Knowing someone is out there reading makes it all so much more worthwhile!

    I’ll try to take a look at your website. However, my first thought is for you to try to organize your posts by subject matter or theme. You have several books there…at least four. Does that help?


  3. says


    Your blog about blogs becoming books is a fantastic concept. One of my favorite books, ProBlogger, fits this category. I think he’s on his second edition!

    All the best!


  4. Nina says


    Thanks for you comment and compliment. I have ProBlogger on my blog roll for just that reason. Thanks for stopping by, and please let others know about the blog. I see your just gearing up to begin a show and website. I love your concept. If you want me on your show (hint, hint), I’d love to be a guest! :~) Good luck with your site and the show.


  5. Nina says

    I’m sorry to hear about your failed self-published book. Please go through all the steps outlined here! You stand a better chance of a successful blogged book! And if you succeed here, you can always self-publish as well as cyber-publish.

  6. says

    Your articles (blog ebook) are the best I have read yet. I just finished two books and am getting ready for the marketing phase. I will be starting my blog is a week or so. One question, “Is copyright a problem – how do you protect your material from un-authorized use?”

    I’ve bookmarked your page and am looking for more helpful information. Thanks for sharing what you have learned.

  7. Nina says

    From what I understand, Robert, copyright is not a problem. Each time you hit the “publish” button, you do, indeed, publish your work. As a blogger, you are a publisher and hold the copyright to your work. It is your property. I have seen little stealing of blog copy. In most cases, I see people attribute and link back to the original blog post when they use a bit of it in their own blog, and that’s exactly what you want to have happen. I never worry about it, and I publish a lot of material on line. I have five blogs as of today.

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