Why You Need Passion to Succeed at Blogging Your Book

Most bloggers find themselves concerned with search engine optimization (SEO). Anyone writing for or on the Internet knows they want their writing easily found by search engines—and, therefore, by Internet users looking for the information in their blogs.

However, Duane Forrester of Microsoft says most bloggers can use basic SEO skills and find some success if they work at their blog long and hard. Notice the last two words: long and hard.

Forrester, senior manager of SEO/social, adds that many bloggers fail because they lack one critical component: passion. Without passion, he says, they may quit blogging or “run out of steam” before their blog gains a large number of readers. In other words, the passion keeps them going until they succeed and beyond that point.

Thus, as I’ve written about before, it’s imperative to choose a blog topic or a topic about which to blog a book that you feel passionate about. Better yet, pick a topic you feel passionate about because you also feel it’s your purpose to write about this topic. Purpose plus passion equates to inspiration. When you feel inspired, you easily will find yourself able to sustain the energy to write about your topic for a long time.

The mistake, Forrester says, comes when writers choose to blog on a topic merely because they think it will become lucrative. In other words, don’t just blog for money.

And remember, blogging success doesn’t happen over night. It takes hard work and time to see results. So, you better be passionate about what you do.

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  1. Nina says

    I can’t tell you exactly why you feel uncomfortable exposing your thoughts. I’m sure it’s some sort of fear of simply being seen for who you are or of being laughed at or criticized. However, every writer must get past that at some point.

    You could try blogging about topics that are not so personal at first. Take a more journalistic approach maybe or writer about things in the news. Choose something that hasn’t happened to you.

    I hope that helps.



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