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Are you wondering if your book idea is marketable?
Do you want to know the correct steps for approaching an agent or a publisher?
Are you feeling confused about how to begin blogging to build your author brand, develop expert status, promote your book, get more subscribers, build an email list–or how to take these activities to the next level?
Do you want to know how to write a book proposal?
Do you want to know how to promote your book?
Do you want to know how to build an author platform?
Are you unsure what the next step is for you to transform yourself from aspiring to published author?
Do you want to know how to improve your blog?
Do you want to know if blogging your book is a good idea–or how to begin blogging your book or booking your blog?
Are you uncertain about how to publish your book (traditionally, untraditionally or self-published)?
Would you like to get some ideas about how to build a business around your book or blog?
Do you have questions about writing or publishing your work, creating a life as a writer or author, blogging, or some other aspect of writing and publishing and have no one you can turn to for good, expert answers or advice?


Writers and bloggers hire me for consultation or strategy session for many reasons.

Like you, they have questions, need solutions, or want support on their writing, publishing or blogging journey.

Why struggle alone? Why keep searching for answers or solutions all over the internet when you can ask an industry professional instead? No question is too simple, trivial, stupid, basic to ask. “Rent my brain” for an hour or a half hour.

However, if you need more time than that, consider signing up for a coaching package. I offer Author Coaching, Blog and Blog-to-Book Coaching and Book Coaching. Usually, an initial consult will answer your immediate questions and get you on your way or give you a good idea about what coaching would be like. To be honest, though, you will get the best results with longer-term coaching. I can help you achieve great results in 1-3 months or with one of my high-level coaching programs. For example, with coaching together we can:

  • map out the content for your book
  • create the business plan or book proposal for your book
  • get your book written
  • develop a career plan with spin-off books
  • brainstorm products and services to help you build a business around your book
  • create a blog plan
  • brainstorm book ideas

Your coaching can include any of these different types of consults I offer—and the subsequent results. Just choose the type of coaching you desire and discuss with me the type of results you want to achieve. Your goals become part of the coaching package. For example, if you choose Author Coaching, you might want to work on developing a career plan that includes both spin-off books and products and services so you can brand yourself and create a business around your book. You might also want to include in that plan development of a blog, which will serves as your author website and business home in cyberspace. Or your coaching might begin with book ideation, mapping out a book and a business plan for that book (using Author Coaching) and then move into Book Coaching as you write your book. You might later move back over to Author Coaching as you work on platform building.

Consulting – on book ideas, book content, book structure, manuscript development, book proposals, blogging, blogging a book, booking a blog, blogs, platform development, publishing, agents, book promotion, and more. Here’s a list of the different types of consults I offer. If you don’t find what you want on that list, use my contact form, and send me an email. I’ll let you know if I can meet your needs.

Fees – $200 per hour; 140 per half hour

Consult Period

Once you have purchased a session, please email to schedule your appointment. Include 3 possible days and times (Pacific Time) you can meet by phone, the reason for your appointment, and the 3 primary goals you would like to accomplish during your consult.

About Me

I’m Nina Amir, author of the bestselling How to Blog a Book and the forthcoming The Author Training Manual, both published by Writer’s Digest Books. I’ve been bloggiDSC_3462ng since 2006. (I have 5 blogs…yes, 5. ) Since 2010 authored two traditionally published books, and I’ve self-published 12 books in the last eight years or so. Plus, I regularly churn out articles for magazines (I’ve written for over 50 different international and national publications) and guest posts for other bloggers, sites and clients. Not only that, I’ve helped other authors complete their books and publish them successfully. One of my clients self-published and then sold their book to Simon & Schuster (Enlightened Leadership). It was printed verbatim and has gone on to sell over 230,000 copies. Another of my clients won a Writer’s Digest award for best self-published inspirational book (Radical Forgiveness). He turned down a traditional publishing deal and sold over 100,000 copies as an indie publisher before selling to Sounds True. I’m also a speaker, a coach, a teacher, a parent. I spend the majority of my time in my office doing what I love: writing, blogging, building platform, promoting, producing books, and helping other bloggers and writers do the same.

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“Nina gave me some very valuable tips during our phone session. Her advice was the perfect launching pad for me to get to work on my book and really make it happen. Have a pen & paper handy and jot down her advice!
Lee Romano Sequeira