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    I share on the social media I use, because I don’t know what happens when you allow sharing to networks you don’t use. I wouldn’t know what to do if someone shared one of my posts with, say, LinkedIn.

    What happens? What is my necessary involvement in the process if I allow sharing on a social network I don’t even have an account on? Does it just go its merry way, spread by a follower to some other social medium?

    I don’t mind turning them on – in case anyone would like to use them – but I don’t want to look like an idiot for not following through if I’m supposed to.

    Thanks for the advice!

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    I installed the share plug-in early on, but it doesn’t seem to be driving traffic to my blog. Nor does Twitter. Commenting on other websites works better, but I can’t seem to bring people back (other than family!). I’m beginning to wonder if I’m wasting my time blogging. There are so many blogs out there, it’s tough to compete!

    Love your book, by the way. I listed your site on my blog.

  3. Nina Amir says

    I went to your blog and took a look around. You need a better share plugin…more apparent an that makes it easy to click on whatever social network someone likes. That’s number one.
    Number two, although I read the reason why your blog is called what it’s called, it doesn’t drive traffic. The title and subtitle don’t let anyone know what it is about. I was compelled enough to read your whole current post…unusual for me. But you are skipping around from subject to subject. So, basically you aren’t accumulating enough keywords to gain any traction. You need a subject to focus upon and a title or at least a subtitle/tagline with some good keywords, and then you probably need a little help from an SEO expert to help you optimize your site.

  4. Nina Amir says

    You don’t have to do anything! You want your blog posts shared everywhere…to other people’s audience/fans. That’s called reach. Put all those buttons out there for use an let them share. Watch the numbers to see if you get “engagement,” and be happy if you do.

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    Hi Nina,

    Thanks for looking at my site. I appreciate that you took the time and gave me feedback. I’ll look for a better share plugin. The keywords I’m using in my posts are anxiety and mindfulness, which are more prevalent in my earlier posts. I have one question: The Blogess has a successful humor blog, which you pointed me to when we had a consult on the phone, and maybe I’m not seeing it, but her posts also seem to be random. If it’s a humor blog, and the blogger is blogging about life situations (for me, it’s anxiety-provoking situations), how do you not jump from subject to subject?

    Thanks again!
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