How to Blog a Book Using Scrivener


Blogging a book takes organization. You need a blog plan that mimics the structure of your book and helps you know what to write and to publish. Also, you need to create a document that becomes an off-line manuscript—not just a bunch of posts online. One of the easiest and most effective ways to do […]

4 Tips for Finding Viable Blogged-Book Subjects

find subjects for a blogged book

You want to blog a book…fast. After all, it’s National Book Blogging Month (NaBoBloMo). But you are making slow progress because you can’t decide upon a book topic. Without a subject, you can’t write. NaBoBloMo only provides the impetus for you to do what you’ve meant to do for a long time. The challenge asks […]

How to Speak Your Blogged Book

speak your blogged book

Many entrepreneurs don’t believe they are writers. However, they want to become authors or bloggers because they know a book and a blog give them expert status. Indeed, becoming an authority or thought leader in your industry will help you grow your businesses. But if you don’t think you can write, this leaves you in […]

How to Get Organized to Blog a Nonfiction Book

learn to organize your book

The majority of bloggers and writers who come to me for help don’t lack ideas. They struggle to find the organize skills that help them turn their ideas into books and blog. Indeed, organization can prove a challenging task for creative people. If you are like me, your desk often becomes a jumble of papers, […]

Blog Your Way to Expert Status

Expert status seen in the SERPs

A blog provides a useful tool for authors, especially nonfiction authors. Not only does it help you become discoverable to potential readers (which means buyers), it also supports your efforts to become an expert in your subject area. If you are a coach, professional speaker, healer, or entrepreneur—or you own any type of business—you can […]

How to Write 12 Books Per Year on Your Blog

blog many books

Blogging doesn’t have to be an activity that take you away from writing your book. You can blog your book—write, publish and promote it all at the same time post by post on the Internet. If you don’t want to place the first draft of your manuscript on your website, however, your blogging time can […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Book-Blogging Venture

book blogging mistakes to avoid

When I created this site and began blogging my book, I became a guinea pig. I had not seen my idea put into action by anyone else, but I felt sure it would work. I was the test subject. As such, I learned from my mistakes, but you don’t have to do that. You can […]

Plan Your Book Content to Write Quickly and Easily

mind map of blogged book

An ongoing debate exists in the writing world about whether or not to plan out a book prior to typing that first word. The “mappers” or “planners” say, “Plan it out! It’s more effective!” The “pantsers,” on the other hand, say, “Write by the seat of your pants! It’s more creative.” I tend to be a […]

How to Get Over Your Technophobic Tendencies and Start Blogging

you can climb the technolgy wall

I know a lot of  writers who would like to become bloggers. I’ve also met many wanna-be online-business owners who need to blog. And I hear from tons of bloggers who would like to become better at this activity. One thing stops all of them: technology. How do you get past this hurdle and start […]

Offer Another Book to Your Readers—by Blogging it For Free


By D.I. (David) Telbat (@DITelbat) There you are, an author hanging off a cliff. The gorge below threatens to swallow you, but still, you lean farther out, offering yet another tantalizing novel to your fans. They reach for your inspired works as if their lives depend on your very words. If only you had more […]

How to Produce a Bestseller: Choose a Timely Topic

produce timely books

This is the third post in a three-part series. If you write and publish a book on a timely topic, you stand the highest chance of hitting a bestseller list with your new release—and of doing so quickly and easily. Not only that, if you choose to blog your book on a subject that is […]

How to Produce a Bestseller: Know Your Market

Find your target market to sell more books

This is the second post in a three-part series. To write, or blog, a bestselling book, you must successfully target your market. That means, first, you have to become acquainted with your potential readers and, second, you must discern their questions, problems, pains, interests, and desires. Then, you can craft a book idea that satisfies […]

How to Produce a Bestseller: Watch What Sells

create a bestseller without much promotion

This is the first post in a three-part series. You can find many blog posts and articles, as well as course, that teach you how to produce a bestseller. Many of them focus upon promotional tactics, like one-day marketing campaigns, joint ventures, free days, and pre-sales. However, you can produce books—blogged books or books you […]

How to Create a Blog Plan

How to create a blog plan

Before you begin blogging a book, you need a blog plan. Even if you don’t think you are going to use your blog to write, publish and promote a book post by post, you need a blog plan. And if you begin your blog with the idea that you might blog a book (or more […]