11 Places to Find New Blog Post Ideas

where to find post ideas

If you blog on any frequent schedule, some days you find yourself wondering what to write about next. You might use a blog plan, but you still need to devise post ideas for that plan—and lots of them. Where can you find inspiration when you feel like you can’t think of one more subject to […]

How to Write Search-Engine Friendly Blog Posts

SEO is one part of the puzzle for bloggers

You can find a ton of information online and off about how to “search engine optimize” (SEO) your blog posts. Yet, Google constantly changes its algorithms and rules making it difficult to know if you are turning out search-engine friendly content or not. If you aren’t a techie or simply want to blog or to […]

Use Lists to Provide Engaging Posts That are Easy to Write and Read

How to write list posts

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 6 List posts provide a staple for almost every blogger. In your efforts to produce core content, or even content on a regular basis, these posts are easy to write and to read, and they tend to get shared and commented on more often than some other types of […]

How Blogging a Book Provides You with a Continuous Flow of Blog Posts

Mind map of a blogged book content plan with content left off

The core principle behind blogging a book lies in having the forethought to plan out your idea in post-sized bits that you write and publish on your blog. Instead of blogging aimlessly and then going back and booking your blog, prior to beginning to write your book you develop a content plan that determines the […]

10 Ways to Create Posts Without Worry About SEO and Keywords

I coach lots of bloggers and writers who would like to (1) start blogging, (2) develop better blogs or (3) blog a book to make sure they get discovered by a literary agent or publisher. In each of these cases they inevitably inquire how to search engine optimize (SEO) their blog and employ keywords for […]

How to Tie General Blog Posts to Your Blogged Book

I often get asked a question about how to tie blog posts in general into a blogged book you might be writing. Whether you are writing a blogged book, a printed book or an e-book, your blog provides a great way to generate interest in that book. Each post offers one more opportunity to drive […]

Google Offers Questions to Help Create Quality Blog Content


It matters little if you are blogging a book or simply blogging, content remains king when it comes to getting traffic to your site. If you are trying to figure out how to create a blog with content that will get noticed, Google has some great advice. In fact, while Google uses certain algorithms to […]

9 Reasons to Write a Book through Blogging

I have devoted a whole blog to the subject of why aspiring authors should consider blogging a book rather than writing a book. I suggest that taking this approach offers a quick and easy way to get your book written. It’s also a great way to gain readers in the process, thus accomplishing your pre-publication […]

Writing Your Blog Posts or Blogged Book Chapters


Once you’ve created your List of Chapters, or table of contents, and written a chapter-by-chapter synopsis, or Chapter Summaries, you are ready to break each chapter down into multiple blog posts. Blog posts tend to be short—about the length of one screen, which averages about 300 words. I like to think about these blog posts […]