4 Reasons Tenacity Is #1 Quality Bloggers Need for Success

tenacity is important for blog success

The fact that only two percent of all the people who say they want to write a book—81 percent of the U.S. population—become authors, provides a strong indication that it’s not easy to sit down and knock out a manuscript let alone publish a book. The fact that 65 percent of all bloggers haven’t published […]

Expert Tips for Blogging Success

how to succeed as a blogger

Have you ever wondered how successful bloggers become successful? Of course, you’ve heard about all the search engine optimization techniques as well as the fluke viral posts. But there must be more to creating a blog that has a sustained yet ever-growing and more-engaged readerships, right? I asked six bloggers to reveal the one or […]

7 Ways to Prevent Your Blog from Failing

Will you succeed or fail at your blogging efforts?

Last week I spent a few minutes responding to an interesting query by Mary Jaksch of writetodone.com and A-list Blogging.net, about what makes blogs fail. I often hear from my clients and students—both book bloggers and general bloggers—that they can’t keep up with their blogs, or they have basically stopped blogging. They might post once […]

How to Find Your Blogging Voice

Having a writers voice helps your blogged book succeed.

Do you have a “voice” as a writer? Finding your individual and unique writing voice helps you succeed as a blogger as well as an author. It makes sense, therefore, that a distinct voice plays a part in your blogged book’s success as well. Yet, many writers and bloggers struggle to find their voice. When […]

You Need Courage and Authenticity to Succeed as a Book Blogger

Open up and show your real self via your blogging and writing

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 1 To succeed as a book blogger, or even as a blogger, you need to develop courage. You need to be willing to fearlessly show yourself and your knowledge to the world via your written words. That’s right; no more hiding behind your words. You must use your writing […]