Writing for the Internet: Increase Ranking and Readers with Links

As you write your blog posts, you will want to consider providing links to resources you might find on the Internet. This also helps your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Actually, everything you do that involves linking into or out of your blog helps SEO your blog.

For this reason, you’ll want to try and network with other bloggers who write about the same subject. See if they will agree to reciprocal linking. If so, add them to your “blog roll,” which is under “Links” on WordPress blogs (and most blogs), and then they add you to theirs. A blog roll is a listing of links to your favorite blogs—or to blogs you feel will help your readers in some way. On this blog, my blog roll contains blogs about blogging and related subjects. It also contains a few of my other blogs in case someone is interested in reading my other work.

If you feel a blog really contains helpful information or the author’s writing just shouldn’t be missed, but that blogger won’t reciprocate with a link, you can list their link on your blog roll anyway. It’s still a link and a helpful service to your readers.

Another way to add links to your blog involves commenting on other people’s blogs. This entails going out and reading what other bloggers are writing on your topic and leaving comments. The comment box almost always offers you a way to provide a link back to your blog. Additionally, this drives readers to your blog, which, in my mind, is as important as SERPs—or at least they go hand in hand.

Anyway that you can link in and out of your blog will help your ranking and bring in readers. So, link, link, link.

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  1. says

    This is great advice, Nina.

    In addition to linking in and out of your blog, another good strategy is to link within your own blog.

    Creating a link that emphasizes the key words of the other blog is also considered good form.

    Keep up the good writing.

  2. Nina says

    Thanks, Bill. As always, your words of wisdom are appreciated. Stop by again and add your advice.


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