10 Ways to Become an Author of Change With a Blog

Your book idea could change the world.

In a few weeks I’ll be speaking at the San Francisco Writing for Change Conference. This is my favorite conference because it is focused on helping nonfiction writers who want to become change agents get their books published. It’s attended by aspiring and published authors who write about self-help, healthy living, spirituality, human potential, ecology […]

Remain Passionate and On Purpose to Achieve Inspired Blogging Results

How to remain passionate and inspired about yoru blog.

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 25 In the last three months, I’ve provided you with 25 blog posts containing 30 tips to help you improve your blog and your blogging skills, as well as your blogged book. If you’ve tried to implement them all in that amount of time, you might feel overwhelmed and […]

New Year, New Look, New Goals

I’m proud to unveil How to Blog a Book’s new design! I hope you like it. It’s cleaner, brighter and aligns with the design of the new How to Blog a Book printed book (which is now available for presale). Plus, it takes the blog to a new level. I have written about starting out […]

Why You Need Passion to Succeed at Blogging Your Book

Most bloggers find themselves concerned with search engine optimization (SEO). Anyone writing for or on the Internet knows they want their writing easily found by search engines—and, therefore, by Internet users looking for the information in their blogs. However, Duane Forrester of Microsoft says most bloggers can use basic SEO skills and find some success […]