7 Essentials for Every Start-Up Book Publisher

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If you are like most aspiring authors, the idea of becoming a published author probably excites you. Even if you are planning to produce a book to boost your business, adding “author” to your credentials could represent the fulfillment of a dream you’ve had your whole life or might catapult you into the ranks of […]

Don’t Kill Your Dream of a Traditional Publishing Deal by Self-publishing First

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The stories of successful indie authors, in particular ebook authors, attracting agents and publishers has spawned a common belief that self-publishing represents a viable path to a traditional publishing contract. In fact, if becoming a traditionally published author is your goal, self-publishing your book first may be a huge mistake. It’s true that quite a […]

The 4 Things You Must Do to Succeed as an Indie Author

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It seems as if every day blogs, news agencies, radio shows, or podcasts blast out stories of indie authors making bestseller lists somewhere. Yet,  the average books sells only 300 printed copies per year. The average ebook author sells only 560 copies per year and doesn’t earn enough to support himself. According to a Digital […]

How to Use Pressbooks to Go Blog-to-Book (Part 2)


 Guest post by Carla King   This is the second part of Carla King’s post on how to use Pressbooks.com to go blog-to-book. To read part one, click here. Add Front and Back Matter You’ll want to compose an introduction, copyright page, acknowledgements, and an about the author page. (Don’t forget to provide links to […]

How to Self-Publish Your Blogged Book as an Ebook

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Ebook publishing represents one of the hottest publishing options available today. More people read ebooks than other types of books, and many writers and bloggers dream of becoming Amazon Kindle bestsellers. Digital publishing is, indeed, a fairly easy, inexpensive and quick way to produce a book, and it’s an even more interesting option for authors […]

The Pros and Cons of Self-Publishing with a Digital Printer

COnsider digital printing if you are in a hurry and want to save money.

Although most print-on-demand POD publishing gets done on digital presses, not that many aspiring authors realize they can actually publish their books on a digital press or know why they might want to do so. Indeed, you might want to produce your blogged book this way or use a digital printer as well as a […]

The Print-on-Demand Process Explained

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If you wan to create a publishing company of your own to produce your blogged book, print quality, inexpensive books but don’t want to worry about storing or distributing inventory, you probably don’t want to choose offset printing. You may want to join the ranks of so many authors today who use print-on-demand (POD) technology […]

Traditionally Published Author Self-Publishes a Booked Blog

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Although this blog focuses a fair amount of attention on blogging books to get “discovered” by literary agents and acquisitions editors at traditional publishing houses, there’s just as much value in blogging a book—or simply blogging—to create the audience you need to produce a successful self-published book. No one knows this better than someone who […]

Is Subsidy Publishing the Same as Self-Publishing?

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If I told you to publish your blogged book with a vanity publisher you’d probably tell me I was crazy.  Yet, many of you will consider (or may be considering) doing just that and will call it self-publishing. About now you’re probably scratching your head and trying to figure out what the heck I’m talking […]

Are You Cut Out to be an Indie Publisher?

Indi publishers work as project managers as well.

Let’s say your blogged book doesn’t garner enough readers to attract a traditional publisher or you simply would rather independently publish your book. Great! Or not. The experience you have self-publishing your book depends to a great extent on if you are cut out to be more than just a writer or blogger. Before you […]