How to Conduct a Market Analysis for a Blog or Book

market analysis for a book

Every time I speak about the need for a business plan for a book or blog—or a blogged book—someone asks me the same question: How do you find the market for your book and analyze it? The short answer is: Google it. But there’s more to it than that. First, understand that you need to […]

What Type of Subscribers Do You Need?

Get blog post subscribers

Many bloggers think they need to build their subscriber list. It’s true, but what type of subscribers do you need—blog post or email subscribers? That may seem like a silly question to you. After all, you need and want subscribers to your posts, right? Indeed, you do. These subscribers get notified each time you publish […]

Change the World with Your Blog Posts

Bloggers inspire change.

I know why you became a blogger: Your passion and sense of purpose inspired you to blog. Indeed, each time you put your fingers on the keyboard, you have the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful difference in the world with your words. However, you can transform more lives if you publish your words […]

The Second Edition Book Launch Begins

How to Blog a Book 2nd Edition Book Launch

I’m excited to announce that this week…actually yesterday…marked the first day of the official How to Blog a Book Revised and Expanded Edition book launch. I’ve got two concurrent tours in place with tons of opportunities for you to learn more about blogging a book or booking a blog. Online tours, called blog or virtual […]

How to Reduce Errors in Your Blog Posts

check the grammar on your blog posts

Many blogs are solo operations, run by one person and one person only. If you are the only person who works on your blog—or more specifically on your blog posts, you know what this means. As the blogger, you write your posts, format them, find the photos and handle search engine optimization (SEO), categorization, and […]

Is Your Blog Mobile Friendly?

mobile-friendly blog

Can your visitors read your blogged book on their mobile devices? If it isn’t “mobile-friendly,” you will lose readers—in more ways than one. Readers click away from your site, and, as of today, Google will make it harder for them to show up on your site at all if it’s too difficult to access via […]

Blog Your Way to Expert Status

Expert status seen in the SERPs

A blog provides a useful tool for authors, especially nonfiction authors. Not only does it help you become discoverable to potential readers (which means buyers), it also supports your efforts to become an expert in your subject area. If you are a coach, professional speaker, healer, or entrepreneur—or you own any type of business—you can […]

Expert Tips for Blogging Success

how to succeed as a blogger

Have you ever wondered how successful bloggers become successful? Of course, you’ve heard about all the search engine optimization techniques as well as the fluke viral posts. But there must be more to creating a blog that has a sustained yet ever-growing and more-engaged readerships, right? I asked six bloggers to reveal the one or […]

11 Places to Find New Blog Post Ideas

where to find post ideas

If you blog on any frequent schedule, some days you find yourself wondering what to write about next. You might use a blog plan, but you still need to devise post ideas for that plan—and lots of them. Where can you find inspiration when you feel like you can’t think of one more subject to […]

How to Write Titles that Make People Read Your Posts

how to write blog post titles

Headlines are the most important part of your blog post. Without a good title, you can’t compel your followers on social media sites to click through to your site or entice subscribers to move their eyes down the page to read your post. That’s why you must write blog post titles that attract readers—to the […]