Point Readers to Your Blogged Book with an “About This Book” Page

about this book page for blogged book

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 20 Most blogs commonly include an “About” page. Typically, this page describes the blog, the blogger or both. When you blog a book, however, consider including an “About This Book” page. The content you provide on this page alerts your readers to the fact you actually are blogging a […]

Create a Table of Contents to Help Your Readers Navigate Your Book

How to blog a Book's TOC

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 12 It’s important to make it easy for those who visit your site to read your blogged book. Since the last post you write is the first one they will see when they visit your site, you want them to be able to find the beginning of your blogged […]

Creating Your Blog: You Need Pages


Before you begin writing your blogged book, I suggest you take a little time to create some additional pages on your blog. This is especially important if you plan to use your blog as your website; in other words, if you don’t have your blog hosted on a website and it serves as your website, […]