How to Book a Blog Using Scrivener

Scrivener for blogging

I use Scrivener to write most of my blog posts. Why? Because Scrivener allows me easily to file them in folders and later, if I want, turn those folders into books. However, before I used Scrivener, my posts were all written in Word or directly into WordPress. That made it hard to create a manuscript […]

Share Your Wisdom by Blogging a Book

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You’ve begun blogging a short book (or even a long book). Or maybe you decided to blog to build platform for a forthcoming book, to promote a previously released book, or simply to express yourself. You had a lot of momentum when you started, and now… suddenly, you’ve begun to wonder: Do I really have […]

Why Now is the Best Time to Blog a Book

now is the time to blog a book

If ever there were a time to start a blog or to blog a book, it’s now. Yes, the blogosphere is crowded and loud. On the other hand, the number of people on or using the internet continues to grow, which creates an enormous opportunity for anyone—including authors and bloggers. Now truly is the best […]

How to Test Market Your Book Idea with a Blog

test marketing books

I once heard Ellen Archer, president and publisher of Hyperion Books, say the advent of blogs provided publishers for the first time with a way to test market potential books. In other words, a successful blog equals a successfully test marketed book idea. Why? Publishers consider loyal blog readers and subscribers potential buyers of a […]

How to Structure Your Nonfiction Blogged Book


You’ve got an idea for a blogged nonfiction book. Maybe you’ve even brainstormed some ideas for content, completed a mind map or come up with a tentative outline. Now you’re wondering about how to structure your book. It’s really not that difficult to create a structure for a nonfiction book. Although not all nonfiction books […]

Six Steps to Take Before You Begin Blogging a Book

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Most writers simply begin writing the moment they come up with a book idea they feel is worth pursuing. However, it’s best to wait a moment…or a few moments…to focus and evaluate that idea. This helps your book have a chance of succeeding in the ever-more competitive book market. After all, no matter how you […]

3+ Reasons I’ve Started Using Scrivener as a Blogging Tool

For a while now I’ve been toying around with the idea of using Scrivener as a writing tool. I hadn’t seriously considered using it for blogging, except I was interesting in finding out if it could become a blog-to-book tool. If it could import posts form WordPress, I figured it might be quite useful. I […]

5 Tips to Keep You Publishing Posts After You Finish Blogging a Book


Carefully pick your blogged book topic. I always offer this bit of advice first when I teach people how to blog a book. Why? Because you have to continue publishing posts long after you finish blogging your book. How do you keep coming up with ideas for posts after your book is complete? These 5 […]

How to Turn Your Courses Into (Blogged) Books (Part 2)

steps to writing or blogging a book from a course

Imagine this scenario: You decide to monetize your knowledge and create an online course. You produce the videos, documentation and membership access. In addition to explaining the benefits of the course, your sales page features a picture of you and bio explaining that you are an authority on this particular topic. You mention that you […]

How to Use Pressbooks to Go Blog-to-Book (Part 2)


 Guest post by Carla King   This is the second part of Carla King’s post on how to use to go blog-to-book. To read part one, click here. Add Front and Back Matter You’ll want to compose an introduction, copyright page, acknowledgements, and an about the author page. (Don’t forget to provide links to […]

Why a Blog Inspires More People to Change than a Book

blogging a book gets you readers

Authors who want to inspire change need readers to take up their causes. Yet, the average book today sells 250 copies per year. Most ebooks never sell more than 100 copies—if that. An author can’t become a change agent, or an author of change, on any large scale with that level of readership. However, a […]

How Your Expertise or Experience Helps You Write A Good Book

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Many aspiring authors struggle to get their books written. However, a simple trick will help you write a nonfiction book—or even a novel—fast and well: Focus on what you know. Yes, “Write what you know.” This might be the oldest and most often-given advice to writers. However, if you want to get your book written […]

Success Story: What I Learned By Blogging A Book

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This guest post was contributed by Brian Cormack Carr. I first had the pleasure of coming across Nina’s How To Blog A Book after reading one of her tweets and surfing over to her website of the same name.  It was a timely encounter – at the time, I was in the process of getting […]

Does your Blogged Book Have a Reason to Exist?

Your book's purpose gives it a reason to exist.

How to Blog a Better Book: Lesson #8 Many writers believe writing a book fulfills a sense of personal purpose or that their book has its own purpose to fulfill. The book’s purpose could be an extension of their own personal purpose as well. In fact, every book should have a purpose. This gives it […]