Replies to Comments Increase Engagement and Feedback on a Blogged Book

Reply to the comments on your blogged book.

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 18 Engagement remains the watchword when it comes to building author platform on social media. That means it’s not just about how many unique visitors—readers—your blogged book attracts, or even about how many followers you have on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus. It’s about how often they share, talk […]

Rami Shapiro Talks About How to Co-Author a Blogged Book

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A reverend and a rabbi start a blog…stop me if you’ve heard this one before. Actually, Baptist minister Michael Smith and Jewish rabbi Rami M. Shapiro actually did start a blog called Mount and Mountain. The blog recorded a long-running dialogue between Mike and Rami in which the pair interpreted, argued about, and interrogated two […]

Liz Strauss’ on How to Get Readers to Comment on Your Posts

Engagement. That’s what every blogger seeks—or should seek. If your blog readers comment on your posts, it means they not only read but get involved in what you write—involved enough to actually have a conversation with you. The blog stops being a one way broadcast, like a printed book, and becomes a conversation. Most bloggers […]

Keeping Up with Your Blog When Using the Scheduling Option

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As you’ve probably realized by now, scheduling your posts offers a definite advantage for the busy blogger or aspiring author. Now that you know how to schedule your blogs, however, you are at risk. You may walk away from your blog all week and pay no attention to what’s going on there. That’s a definite […]

Writing for the Internet: Increase Ranking and Readers with Links


As you write your blog posts, you will want to consider providing links to resources you might find on the Internet. This also helps your ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Actually, everything you do that involves linking into or out of your blog helps SEO your blog. For this reason, you’ll want to […]

Promotion: This Means Getting Social


For a blogged book, promotion means, “What are you going to do to tell the cyber world your blog exists?” How will you sell your blog? This is where you add your social hat to your business hat, because to gain readers you must promote yourself and your blog via social networking. Otherwise, how will […]

Why Blog a Book? To Get Feedback on Your Writing (Part 7)

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The fact that readers have the ability to comment on your book offers you, the blogger, one of the greatest reasons to blog a book. Many writers join critique groups so they can have other writers read or listen to them read their work and offer feedback. However, when you, the blogger, receive comments from […]