How to Book a Blog Using Scrivener

Scrivener for blogging

I use Scrivener to write most of my blog posts. Why? Because Scrivener allows me easily to file them in folders and later, if I want, turn those folders into books. However, before I used Scrivener, my posts were all written in Word or directly into WordPress. That made it hard to create a manuscript […]

7 Tips for Turning Your Blog into a Book

book your blog

As the blog-to-book trend continues on its upward curve, more and more bloggers see their blogs as gold mines filled with nuggets of content waiting to be extracted, refined and cast into books. Writers, on the other hand, historically have balked at becoming bloggers. Many aspiring and published authors turn to blogging simply because this […]

How to Turn Your Blog Into a Book-Production Machine

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If you have a blog, you produce a lot of content every year—valuable content that could be used for more than just blog posts. Indeed, with the right focus and planning, your blog can become a book-production machine. Many busy writers, authors and entrepreneurs don’t feel they have time to write a book, especially when […]

3 Ways to Convert Blog Content Into a Word Doc


For those bloggers who would like to book a blog, or repurpose their posts into a book, turning blog content into a word-processing file can pose one of the largest challenges. You likely need a Microsoft Word file, since these are used by designers and to create a variety of ebook formats. Yet, it’s not […]

The “Queen of Snark” on Booking Blogs and Promoting Books

A Walk in the Snark

I met Rachel Thompson not long after the release of her second book. She was teaching classes on how to go blog-to-book on Since then, she’s written and published a third successful book. Although she hasn’t blogged a book, she knows how to book a blog and how to successfully self-publish a book. As […]

3+ Reasons I’ve Started Using Scrivener as a Blogging Tool

For a while now I’ve been toying around with the idea of using Scrivener as a writing tool. I hadn’t seriously considered using it for blogging, except I was interesting in finding out if it could become a blog-to-book tool. If it could import posts form WordPress, I figured it might be quite useful. I […]

When to Take a Left Turn on Your Blog to Find Success

1,000 Creative Writing Prompts Volume 2 Cover

Guest post by Bryan Cohen It was spring 2009 when my blog, Build Creative Writing Ideas, really started to take off. I’d been in a rough place the previous year productivity-wise, and the only thing that got me out of it was listening to and reading personal development and self-help books. I knew I wanted […]

Traditionally Published Author Self-Publishes a Booked Blog

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Although this blog focuses a fair amount of attention on blogging books to get “discovered” by literary agents and acquisitions editors at traditional publishing houses, there’s just as much value in blogging a book—or simply blogging—to create the audience you need to produce a successful self-published book. No one knows this better than someone who […]

What’s the Difference Between a Blogged Book and a Booked Blog?

What is a booked blog?

I must have described the difference between blogging a book and booking a blog here on this blog at least 100 times. I’ve done the same on the phone with prospective clients countless times. I do it every time I speak to an audience. Yet, I can find no blog post here on this blog […]

How to Create the Best Book From Your Blog

Can you blog a good book?

I advocate blogging a book rather than booking a blog. The reason why is simple: Not every blog deserves to become a book. Some blogs are just blogs; the content on them works well as posts but isn’t thought out well enough to become a book. A blogger who blogs a book, on the other […]

Is Your Blogged Book Idea Unique?


Today I ran into a woman I’ve known for a long time. We aren’t great friends, but our kids used to dance together. We’ve been connected on Facebook for a number of years mostly because of the kids. However, we both had columns. What I didn’t realize was that she also had a blog […]

How to Successfully Self-Publish Your eBooked Blog

A Walk in the Snark

What happens if you don’t want to be discovered by a traditional publisher–if you’d rather book your own blog? Or what if you don’t get discovered by an agent or publisher and decide to become an indie publisher instead? Maybe you want to try your hand at producing an ebook… How do you make sure […]

How Finding Your Blog Niche Can Result in a Book Deal


If you want to know what happens when you simply find your niche as a blogger, read Smoky Trudeau Zeidel’s success story. She claims to have floundered around as a blogger. Then she moved to California and struck gold not only with her blog but with her blog-to-book deal—after just a few months of blogging […]

How to Boldy and Honestly Blog Your Way to a Book Deal

Totally Tyler

I couldn’t help but take notice when my Google Alert brought up this blog-to-book deal: Your Boyfriend and Other Guys I’ve Kissed: The Tails of Totally Tyler. It was written by someone named Totally Tyler. I looked at the cover. This was worth pursuing. Tyler shows what can happen when you blog—or blog a book—honestly, […]