What Is SEO and Should Book Bloggers Care About It?

SEO involves many different things--links, titles, keywords, tags

Bloggers and website owners seem to obsess about search engine optimization (SEO). As a writer or book blogger, you might be wondering, “What the heck is SEO and should I even care about it?” You do need to know what SEO is and care about it to some extent, but if you write a good […]

How Often Should You Publish a Blog Post?

With what frequency should blog posts be written and published?

One of the most common question new bloggers or book bloggers ask is: How often should I publish a blog post? You may get different answers to this question, but here’s mine, which is based on my own experience and the advice I have been given by a variety of successful bloggers and professional bloggers. […]

How a Blog Creates Visibility for Your Book

How a blog makes an author visible online.

One of the primary reasons to blog a book revolves around creating visibility for you and your book. You want lots of potential readers to easily “see” you, or find you, on line so they will purchase your book. How do you create this  visibility? Here are the three primary ways to increase visibility for […]

Are You Blogging a Book? List it here!

How to gain readers to your blog

Gaining readers to your blogged book represents the keys to success. Whether you plan on self-publishing your blogged book or want to be discovered by an agent or publisher, you must have a successful blog–one with many unique visitors. (If you don’t understand that term, read this post.) That’s your author platform or fan base, […]

Boost Your Publishing Business by Becoming a Speaker

public speaking, giving a speach, business around a book

Congratulations on blogging a book or even considering writing and publishing a book. You gain a lot of credibility as a published author. But now the real hard work begins. Unless you are a celebrity with a large publicity and marketing staff—and a huge following of fans, the burden will be mostly on you to […]

Jonathan Fields on Blog Traffic, Subscribers and Content

Jonathan Fields

Yesterday I published a blog post on my other blog, Write Nonfiction NOW!, based on a very interesting interview I conducted with Jonathan Fields. In that post, Jonathan and I discussed what it takes to create a bestselling book: author’s platform, a business model, hard work, great release strategies, and a great book. (You can […]

Chris Garrett on How to Blog a Book or Book a Blog


  My last post featured the first part of my interview with Chris Garrett, co-author of ProBlogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six-Figure Income, in which he discussed how to convert blog readers into book buyers using attraction, retention, conversion, and referrals. Today, in part two of the interview, which I conducted at […]

Chris Garrett on How to Turn Blog Readers Into Book Buyers

Chris Garrett, co-author of ProBlogger, the book

As part of this blog’s new focus, this is the first of a series of posts I’m going to publish during January based upon interviews I conducted at BlogWorld & New Media Expo in Los Angeles, CA, in early November 2011. While there I had the opportunity to speak with Chris Garrett, Darren Rowse, Liz […]

Four Ways to Promote Your Blogged Book

As you write your blogged book, or as you try to drive traffic to your blog so you land a book deal (and can book your blog), the Internet provides you with many effective promotion tools. Here are four tried and true methods for achieving your promotion  goals with online activity—activity most bloggers can do […]

Propel Your Blogged Book With More Content

One of the thing writers do really well  is produce content–especially bloggers, who produce content all the time. That’s a great thing in today’s online market, because the best way to promote blogged books comes down to producing great content and lots of it–and placing it on the Internet. By strategically using content in cyberspace, […]