How to Reduce Errors in Your Blog Posts

check the grammar on your blog posts

Many blogs are solo operations, run by one person and one person only. If you are the only person who works on your blog—or more specifically on your blog posts, you know what this means. As the blogger, you write your posts, format them, find the photos and handle search engine optimization (SEO), categorization, and […]

How to Get Organized to Blog a Nonfiction Book

learn to organize your book

The majority of bloggers and writers who come to me for help don’t lack ideas. They struggle to find the organize skills that help them turn their ideas into books and blog. Indeed, organization can prove a challenging task for creative people. If you are like me, your desk often becomes a jumble of papers, […]

11 Places to Find New Blog Post Ideas

where to find post ideas

If you blog on any frequent schedule, some days you find yourself wondering what to write about next. You might use a blog plan, but you still need to devise post ideas for that plan—and lots of them. Where can you find inspiration when you feel like you can’t think of one more subject to […]

How to Write Titles that Make People Read Your Posts

how to write blog post titles

Headlines are the most important part of your blog post. Without a good title, you can’t compel your followers on social media sites to click through to your site or entice subscribers to move their eyes down the page to read your post. That’s why you must write blog post titles that attract readers—to the […]

How to Blog Faster: Tips From Six Experts

blog faster

One of the biggest complaints I hear from writers, authors and bloggers is this: Blogging takes too long. Sometimes writing and publishing a post can take a long time…but blogging doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. You can blog faster. That said, some successful bloggers choose to spend more time on their posts—and with […]

Website offers Opportunity for Feedback and Crowdsourcing


As you blog your book, you can benefit by sharing bits and pieces of your manuscript on a new site called Medium. You might be surprised at how well this site works for obtaining early feedback on your concept or story and for crowdsourcing information related to your topic. Plus, if your posts are popular, […]

Where to Find (and How to Use) Photos for Your Posts

free photo sites

As an expert blogging a book or blogging about your book, you know the importance of valuable content. Without it, your blog won’t succeed in today’s noisy world. However, the visuals you include with each blog post are almost as important as what you write about in that post. In fact, the photo or graphic […]

How to Blog a Completed Manuscript

laptop and manuscript

You’ve already written your book, but you want to test the market or build an author platform before release by blogging it. How do you take your completed manuscript and break it down into 300- to 500-word pieces—blog posts—when you wrote it to flow as one continuous chapter after another? Good question. I continue to […]

3+ Reasons I’ve Started Using Scrivener as a Blogging Tool

For a while now I’ve been toying around with the idea of using Scrivener as a writing tool. I hadn’t seriously considered using it for blogging, except I was interesting in finding out if it could become a blog-to-book tool. If it could import posts form WordPress, I figured it might be quite useful. I […]