How to Write Titles that Make People Read Your Posts

how to write blog post titles

Headlines are the most important part of your blog post. Without a good title, you can’t compel your followers on social media sites to click through to your site or entice subscribers to move their eyes down the page to read your post. That’s why you must write blog post titles that attract readers—to the […]

8 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Content Marketing Machine


Most writers realize their blog offers a phenomenal tool for building author’s platform and for promoting a book once it’s been published. However, you may not realize the variety of ways in which you can actually put your blog to use to create a loyal fan base, sell more books and produce more useable content—even […]

How to Create a Blog Plan

How to create a blog plan

Before you begin blogging a book, you need a blog plan. Even if you don’t think you are going to use your blog to write, publish and promote a book post by post, you need a blog plan. And if you begin your blog with the idea that you might blog a book (or more […]

7 Ways to Write Blog Posts that Get Read


The other day I shared a link on Twitter to a new blog post. Someone tweeted back, but their response only answered the question in the title of my post, which I had shared in my tweet. Their response had little to do with the post itself, making it obvious they hadn’t clicked on the […]

The Main Reason Your Blog Doesn’t Attract Readers

How long do visitors stay on your site?

A few weeks ago I offered discounted strategy sessions on blogging books and blogging in general. Just about half of the aspiring or published authors and bloggers I spoke with wanted to know how to attract more readers to their blogs. When I took a look at their sites I inevitably discovered the same problem: […]

How to Write Search-Engine Friendly Blog Posts

SEO is one part of the puzzle for bloggers

You can find a ton of information online and off about how to “search engine optimize” (SEO) your blog posts. Yet, Google constantly changes its algorithms and rules making it difficult to know if you are turning out search-engine friendly content or not. If you aren’t a techie or simply want to blog or to […]

21 Things To Do Before You Publish Your Posts

have a checklist before you publish a post

As you publish your blogged book post by post (or even if you just blog), ensure you place your best work on your blog each day. If you can afford to hire an editor or proofreader before you hit the “Publish” button—and most bloggers and aspiring authors can’t—use check list to determine if each of […]

6 Creativity Fixes for Long-Time and Long-Term Bloggers

Bloggers can find ways to spark their creativity.

It doesn’t matter if you are blogging a book, blogging about a book or just plain blogging on a particular topic, sometimes coming up with creative ideas day in and day out feels hard and boring. When you began your blog, you probably were full of ideas and felt excited and passionate about your subject […]

How Your Expertise or Experience Helps You Write A Good Book

brain man nokhoog_buchachon freedigital

Many aspiring authors struggle to get their books written. However, a simple trick will help you write a nonfiction book—or even a novel—fast and well: Focus on what you know. Yes, “Write what you know.” This might be the oldest and most often-given advice to writers. However, if you want to get your book written […]

How to Find Your Blogging Voice

Having a writers voice helps your blogged book succeed.

Do you have a “voice” as a writer? Finding your individual and unique writing voice helps you succeed as a blogger as well as an author. It makes sense, therefore, that a distinct voice plays a part in your blogged book’s success as well. Yet, many writers and bloggers struggle to find their voice. When […]

Tie Into the News to Make Your Posts Timely

Tie blog posts to the news to keep your blog timely.

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 16 You can improve your blog in a variety of ways by tying your posts into the news. This keeps your content timely and relevant to current events. It also drives additional traffic to your site as people, searching for articles on these hot topics, find your posts and […]

Increase Value and Make Connections by Writing Link Posts

link posts

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 8 Once upon a time, bloggers stressed using links to help provide SEO for their sites. These days, linking is less talked about. Yet, inbound and outbound links still provide great value. Thus, including a link in each of your blog posts, or writing a link post, or a […]

Use Lists to Provide Engaging Posts That are Easy to Write and Read

How to write list posts

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 6 List posts provide a staple for almost every blogger. In your efforts to produce core content, or even content on a regular basis, these posts are easy to write and to read, and they tend to get shared and commented on more often than some other types of […]

Create Core Content to Give Your Blog a Strong Internal Fire

The earth's core is like the core content of a blog or blogged book.

Blogging Basics for Aspiring Authors: Lesson 5 Whether you write a blog or a book you must begin with a core idea. That idea also must be instilled with a sense of purpose that carries both the blog and the book along over time. If the content on your blog and in your book—or in […]