30 Things You Accomplish While Blogging or Blogging a Book

bloggers get published

For five years I’ve been saying the same thing: When you blog or blog a book, you kill many birds with one stone. If you are an aspiring author, published author, entrepreneur, speaker, coach, or some other creative soul—even a blogger—who wants to publish a book for any reason, a blog helps you accomplish this […]

How I Became a Published Author: One Post at a Time


Today’s guest post is by Lori Ann Davis, MA, CRS (@lorianndaviscrs), author of Unmasking Secrets to Unstoppable Relationships: How to Find, Keep and Renew Love and Passion in Your Life. She offers tips on blogging a book—tips she discovered on her own without the help of reading How to Blog a Book first. As she […]

3 Steps to Creating an Information Product from Your Blog

How to turn your blog into a book

The following is an adapted excerpt from How to Blog a Book Revised and Expanded Edition. Here’s a bit of information the book industry doesn’t like to reveal: Books don’t provide a huge source of income. In fact, most authors, with the exception of those who consistently hit the bestseller lists, supplement their book royalties […]

Grow Your Email List with a Virtual Book Tour

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Most of you know I’m in the middle of a book tour to help launch the second edition of How to Blog a Book. However, the days of in-person book tours are over. Some authors still do signings at local book stores, but more authors utilize the reach and power of the Internet when they […]

11 Ways to Know if Your Blog Deserves to Become a Book

indicators that a blog deserves to be a book

Maybe you, like lots of bloggers, think your site contains enough content—or good enough content—to produce a book. And maybe your blog posts could be turned into a book (or “blook,” as they are called sometimes). Before you go to the time, trouble and expense of “booking your blog,” first evaluate if your blog deserves […]

What You and Your Blog Need to Land an Agent or Publisher

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Maybe you dream of landing a traditional book publishing deal. You want your successful blog or blogged book to serve as a beacon to an agent or a publisher. Or, if you don’t get discovered, you want your query letter and book proposal accepted by a literary agency or publishing house. You hope the great […]

Passion, Subject Knowledge, Self-Knowledge, and Blogging Books

choose blog and blogged book subjects carefully

Blogging is not an endeavor to be entered into lightly if you want to succeed at this “job.” And if you want to blog a book (or book a blog) or build a business around your blog, you need to choose the right subject from your first post. In this guest post, Frank Daley (@TheFrankDaley) […]

Take the Blog-a-Book Challenge

blog a book in a year

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed, but this site contains a challenge. It has been here for about four years. The challenge is quite simple: Write a blog post per day and a book per year. Are you up for it? As the site states: The point [of the challenge] is to blog your […]

The Second Edition Book Launch Begins

How to Blog a Book 2nd Edition Book Launch

I’m excited to announce that this week…actually yesterday…marked the first day of the official How to Blog a Book Revised and Expanded Edition book launch. I’ve got two concurrent tours in place with tons of opportunities for you to learn more about blogging a book or booking a blog. Online tours, called blog or virtual […]