7 Steps to Boosting Your Business as an Expert Author


A book is the best business card you can hand to potential customers and clients. It might as well say, “I’m the expert on this subject,” right on the cover, which is why becoming an author sends people flocking to do business with you. A book serves as an excellent expert platform element for an […]

11 Places to Find New Blog Post Ideas

where to find post ideas

If you blog on any frequent schedule, some days you find yourself wondering what to write about next. You might use a blog plan, but you still need to devise post ideas for that plan—and lots of them. Where can you find inspiration when you feel like you can’t think of one more subject to […]

How to Write 12 Books Per Year on Your Blog

blog many books

Blogging doesn’t have to be an activity that take you away from writing your book. You can blog your book—write, publish and promote it all at the same time post by post on the Internet. If you don’t want to place the first draft of your manuscript on your website, however, your blogging time can […]

Why Now is the Best Time to Blog a Book

now is the time to blog a book

If ever there were a time to start a blog or to blog a book, it’s now. Yes, the blogosphere is crowded and loud. On the other hand, the number of people on or using the internet continues to grow, which creates an enormous opportunity for anyone—including authors and bloggers. Now truly is the best […]

How to Write Titles that Make People Read Your Posts

how to write blog post titles

Headlines are the most important part of your blog post. Without a good title, you can’t compel your followers on social media sites to click through to your site or entice subscribers to move their eyes down the page to read your post. That’s why you must write blog post titles that attract readers—to the […]

How to Blog Faster: Tips From Six Experts

blog faster

One of the biggest complaints I hear from writers, authors and bloggers is this: Blogging takes too long. Sometimes writing and publishing a post can take a long time…but blogging doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. You can blog faster. That said, some successful bloggers choose to spend more time on their posts—and with […]

Tsh Oxenreider on Going from Blog to Book: Organized Simplicity

Organized Simplicity cover

Tsh Oxenreider blogs about intentional, simple living, which covers a myriad of topics. However, she focuses specifically on “parents of children at home who crave less crazy, more peace, and joy in the little things.” SimpleMom. net, her flagship site, covers topics like productivity, taking care of yourself, DIY ideas, green and frugal living, and […]

8 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Content Marketing Machine


Most writers realize their blog offers a phenomenal tool for building author’s platform and for promoting a book once it’s been published. However, you may not realize the variety of ways in which you can actually put your blog to use to create a loyal fan base, sell more books and produce more useable content—even […]

7 Tips for Turning Your Blog into a Book

book your blog

As the blog-to-book trend continues on its upward curve, more and more bloggers see their blogs as gold mines filled with nuggets of content waiting to be extracted, refined and cast into books. Writers, on the other hand, historically have balked at becoming bloggers. Many aspiring and published authors turn to blogging simply because this […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid for a Successful Book-Blogging Venture

book blogging mistakes to avoid

When I created this site and began blogging my book, I became a guinea pig. I had not seen my idea put into action by anyone else, but I felt sure it would work. I was the test subject. As such, I learned from my mistakes, but you don’t have to do that. You can […]

Plan Your Book Content to Write Quickly and Easily

mind map of blogged book

An ongoing debate exists in the writing world about whether or not to plan out a book prior to typing that first word. The “mappers” or “planners” say, “Plan it out! It’s more effective!” The “pantsers,” on the other hand, say, “Write by the seat of your pants! It’s more creative.” I tend to be a […]

6 Ways to Quickly Write an E-book to Build Your Mailing List

build mailing list with free ebook

Nothing matches the power of a large mailing list when it comes to marketing your books, products or services. No wonder it’s common to hear online marketers say, “There’s magic in the list.” Or, “Your list gives you a license to print money,” which means that when you promote to your list, your subscribers pay […]

4-Part Strategy for Creating a Career as a Bestselling Author

Create a career as a bestelling author

I’ve devoted much of my career to helping aspiring authors become published authors. More than that, it’s my desire to help them become successful published authors. I understand how hard it can be to achieve that dream. It took me ten years to land my first traditional publishing deal. I self-published a few books in […]