How to Book a Blog Using Scrivener

Scrivener for blogging

I use Scrivener to write most of my blog posts. Why? Because Scrivener allows me easily to file them in folders and later, if I want, turn those folders into books. However, before I used Scrivener, my posts were all written in Word or directly into WordPress. That made it hard to create a manuscript […]

8 Ways to Turn Your Blog Into a Content Marketing Machine


Most writers realize their blog offers a phenomenal tool for building author’s platform and for promoting a book once it’s been published. However, you may not realize the variety of ways in which you can actually put your blog to use to create a loyal fan base, sell more books and produce more useable content—even […]

How to Write Search-Engine Friendly Blog Posts

SEO is one part of the puzzle for bloggers

You can find a ton of information online and off about how to “search engine optimize” (SEO) your blog posts. Yet, Google constantly changes its algorithms and rules making it difficult to know if you are turning out search-engine friendly content or not. If you aren’t a techie or simply want to blog or to […]

6 Creativity Fixes for Long-Time and Long-Term Bloggers

Bloggers can find ways to spark their creativity.

It doesn’t matter if you are blogging a book, blogging about a book or just plain blogging on a particular topic, sometimes coming up with creative ideas day in and day out feels hard and boring. When you began your blog, you probably were full of ideas and felt excited and passionate about your subject […]

Universal Content Marketing Productivity Tip For Blogging A Book

Laws that Shaped LA

Today’s guest post is by Roger. C. Parker. It is reprinted with permission from his Published & Profitable blog. Are you looking for a content marketing productivity tip to save time blogging your book? The hardest part of blogging a book is choosing a book title and selecting topics for your content marketing blog posts. […]

C.C. Chapman on Blogging vs. Blogging a Book


Writers like to write. They don’t like to promote or build platform. That’s why I encourage them to blog and to blog their books. As they blog, they actually promote themselves and their work—and build platform. Why? Because they are producing content. Search engines love content. And readers want content—especially content that solves their problems, […]

Learn How to Blog Your Way to a Book Deal


If you can write, you can blog. That means you can blog your way to a book deal. You can blog a book, and write and publish your work one post at a time in cyberspace while also promoting it so you get “discovered.” Agents and acquisition editors continue to troll the Internet looking for […]

Four Ways to Promote Your Blogged Book

As you write your blogged book, or as you try to drive traffic to your blog so you land a book deal (and can book your blog), the Internet provides you with many effective promotion tools. Here are four tried and true methods for achieving your promotion  goals with online activity—activity most bloggers can do […] Sells Two Books to Grand Central


Today I have two more examples of blog-to-book deals that I don’t understand, but I don’t need to. Obviously, these blogs struck a chord with enough readers to catch a publisher’s eye. And off to press they go. Should the rest of us be so lucky. Gawker Media’s website,, recently sold two books to […]

Keeping Up with Your Blog When Using the Scheduling Option

person typing

As you’ve probably realized by now, scheduling your posts offers a definite advantage for the busy blogger or aspiring author. Now that you know how to schedule your blogs, however, you are at risk. You may walk away from your blog all week and pay no attention to what’s going on there. That’s a definite […]

Writing for the Internet: Be Conversational

writing a book

Okay! Let’s start writing that book! Writing a blog tends to be a bit different than writing a “formal” book exactly because blogging lends itself to informality.  When blogging you can write as if composing an email to a friend. Blogs began as live journals, and many people considered them streams of consciousness—simply unedited thoughts […]