4 Reasons Tenacity Is #1 Quality Bloggers Need for Success

tenacity is important for blog success

The fact that only two percent of all the people who say they want to write a book—81 percent of the U.S. population—become authors, provides a strong indication that it’s not easy to sit down and knock out a manuscript let alone publish a book. The fact that 65 percent of all bloggers haven’t published […]

3 Ways Writers Can Make Money from a Blog

how writers monetize their bogs

Many writers consider blogging a waste of time because blogging “for free” takes them away from paid work, like articles and books. In fact, blogging can lead to more paid writing gigs. And your blog can even generate income. Let’s take a look at some of the ways in which your blog could lead to […]

How to Conduct a Market Analysis for a Blog or Book

market analysis for a book

Every time I speak about the need for a business plan for a book or blog—or a blogged book—someone asks me the same question: How do you find the market for your book and analyze it? The short answer is: Google it. But there’s more to it than that. First, understand that you need to […]

Six Things to Consider Before Making a Book Out of Your Blog Posts

is your blog material worthy of a book

Just because you have lot of blog posts doesn’t mean you have a book. In this guest post, Frank Daley (@TheFrankDaley) discusses how to evaluate if your blog contains material worthy of publication. So you want to put those blog posts into a book? Good Idea. Maybe. The idea of repurposing a series of blog […]

Blog a Romance or Horror Novel

Surprised woman reading a romance novel

You might assume that only nonfiction writers blog books. Not true. Novelists also blog books. They claim it makes them better writers and helps them produce more compelling manuscripts. And they blog novels in a variety of genres, including  romance and horror readers, and benefit in the process. So take the hot men and sexy […]

What Type of Subscribers Do You Need?

Get blog post subscribers

Many bloggers think they need to build their subscriber list. It’s true, but what type of subscribers do you need—blog post or email subscribers? That may seem like a silly question to you. After all, you need and want subscribers to your posts, right? Indeed, you do. These subscribers get notified each time you publish […]

Successful Books Require Preparation

prepare for success as an author or blogger

If you think you can blog a book or book a blog without preparation, you’re right. If you think you should, you’re wrong. It takes work to craft a book that sells—whether it’s a book you write in blog-post-sized bits or that you create from repurposed posts. I’m not talking about writing either. I’m talking […]

Change the World with Your Blog Posts

Bloggers inspire change.

I know why you became a blogger: Your passion and sense of purpose inspired you to blog. Indeed, each time you put your fingers on the keyboard, you have the opportunity to make a positive and meaningful difference in the world with your words. However, you can transform more lives if you publish your words […]

How to Effectively Share Your Blog Posts on Social Media Sites

share your blog posts

Writing and publishing blog posts often and consistently goes a long way toward helping your blog get discovered, but it’s not enough. To drive traffic to your site, so you gain followers and subscribers, you need to share your posts on social networks. That’s how you “tell” potential readers of your blog and your blogged […]

Know When to Put Your Foot on the Brake or the Gas

When to brake

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that when it comes to blogging and to blogging books I’ve been repeating the same advice for a long time: Blog often and consistently if you want to get any traction in the search engine results pages. I still believe that is the best way […]